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Therese Johaug - The Verdict

In this documentary we followed Cross Contry skiing star Therese Johaug, from the shocking message came tha..

Europe for Sale

Under the disguise of a Pakistani refugee, journalist Kadafi Zaman tries to reveal how the trade with refug..


The NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was deployed in Afghanistan in 2001, and ended its ..

A Nobel Cause

"A delightfully witty, highly individual glimpse behind the normally closed doors of one of the world’s mos..


Different women, different nationalities, different backgrounds, but they tell the same story. Their life s..

A loved Child

As a single homosexual man, it’s not obvious that you might become a dad some day. But Torstein really want..

The Vaccinated Girls

A group of girls from across the country is gathered together, all of whom have all had their lives ruined ..

For many, online dating is the preferred way to find a partner. But it’s developing into the world’s bigges..

The Women IS Fears

The terrorists in the so-called Islamic State (IS) look down on women. They enslave, rape and sell women — ..

Breaking Borders

Seasoned journalist Mariana Van Zeller and acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio travel into conflict zones to g..

Portrait of a Mall Terrorist

Hassan came to Norway from Somalia when he was only eight years old. Last year he made his way to Nairobi, ..

The Dream of Europe

In a world beset by war and conflict, the EU’s agency for external border security, Frontex, is striving to..


More than 50,000 people in Denmark become ill from food consumption every year. Here, we follow Danish food..

Masters and Servants

Filipino au pairs are exploited by quite a few Norwegian families. The au pairs and the family sign a contr..

The Observers

The international civilian observers have patrolled the streets of Hebron for almost twenty years. Their jo..

Exit Afghanistan

The Norwegian forces were among the first to leave Afghanistan. They left more than 100,000 NATO troops beh..

Terror strikes at In Amenas

January 16, 2013 marked the worst terrorist outrage ever perpetrated against Norwegian interests abroad.


A Closed Fist Can Grasp Nothing

The social and economic changes taking place all over the world are spreading anxiety and fear among ordina..

Tainted Gold

The manufacture of Omega-3 capsules has evolved into a highly lucrative industry throughout the western wor..


In the months following that fateful day, July 22, 2011, NRK has maintained close contact with three of the..

The Fathers

The Norwegian terrorist has himself refused to discuss his home life, but in this programme, for the first ..

The Afghan Nightmare

Both NATO and the US are keen to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, as it is becoming increasingly app..

The Nile Quest

The Nile region consists of 10 countries and nearly half a billion people. The area has experienced some of..

Words That Kill

Many people have long feared attacks by Islamic terrorists, especially since the destruction of the Twin To..

Nickel City Smiler

Nickel City Smiler chronicles a refugee’s fight for survival and hope in the American

When Terror Hit Norway

Friday 22 July 2011 started as an ordinary summer day in Norway. On the small island of Utøya, set in a lak..

Terror Island

If one man can create that much hate, you can only imagine how much love we as a togetherness can create.

Into the Current: Burma’s Political Prisoners

A Military dictatorship seized control of Burma in 1962.
In 1989 they changed the name of the country to M..

Operation Sea Breeze

The Jury said:"A film that provided a powerful and visceral insight into a story full of controversy and po..


The world watched, with breath that was bated, on August 12th 2000, as Russian nuclear submarine “Kursk” of..

Ladies in White

In 2009, Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since Castro came to power in 195..

Connecting People

"Connecting People" is the first documentary ever to take a searching look at the life cycle of the mobile ..

Camp Bastion

Through the Danish personnel at the field hospital we witness the tough everyday life in a war zone

Mothers of War

When Marianna was 8 years old she lost her mother in the genocide. She was adopted by her cousin Beata but ..

The Shots in Kabul

The officer in command in 1978, when Afghanistan’s first president was brutally assassinated, now lives in ..

A Father's fight. The murder of Martine

Imagine the despair of losing one of your children ahead of time. Then imagine your child being murdered, a..

Dirty Cargo

We tell the story of how commodity trader Trafigura used a small tank facility in Western Norway as part of..

Lion Women

With the Iranian revolution of 1979 came the harsh imposition of Sharia law and the repression, persecution..

Sweet Swan Of Avon

Two sides of the Shakespeare Authorship debate
embodied by two very differe..

Children of War

When adults fight, children are the losers. They have neither mental nor physical strength to deal with the..

Down at any cost?

Within the European Union, it is illegal to pluck down from living birds. Despite that fact, reporter has g..

The Serena Attack

January 14, 2008, a Norwegian delegation under Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre are staying at the five st..

New Life in the Line of Fire

Far too many births in the Palestinian territories end in disaster because mothers are unable to reach hosp..

Sarajevo Ricochet / A Town Betrayed

This two-part documentary reveals how al-Qaeda used Bosnia as a training-ground, money-laundering centre an..

Power Play

With contributions from leading scientists, politicians, industrialists, and energy experts around the worl..

In Gandhi's Footsteps

A small woman with a heavy load on her shoulders. She is compared to both Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi ..

Breaking the Wall of Silence

Breaking the Wall of Silence is a documentary that portrays the courageous struggle of a peaceful, vulnerab..

The Women In White

In 2009, Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since Castro came to power in 195..

The Arboga Killings

In March 2008 two kids were brutally murdered in there home in Arboga in Sweden. They were only one and thr..

Children of Darfur

Today Darfur is facing, what the United Nations describes as “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Mara..

Cold Peace

30.000 feet above the icy waters of the North-Atlantic, a dangerous stand-off is unfolding.

Stealing History

A two-year exposé by three journalists from Britain, Norway and Pakistan reveals for the first time the clo..

Scream and Madonna

Edvard Munch’s world famous paintings ”The Scream” and ”Madonna” were stolen from the Munch Museum in Oslo ..

The Power and the Fear

The murder of Russian award winning journalist Anna Polikovskaya in 2006 changed the whole mentality of Rus..

The History of Water

The History of Water is a series on the relationship between man and fresh water. It affords a comprehensiv..

A Dream of Europe

Brahim Boutaraa, and Algerian asylum seeker in Norway, hijacked a plane using an axe. He tried to crash th..

The Future of Water

Written and presented by Professor Terje Tvedt, this comprehensive series on the future relationship betwee..

The Vaccine Experiment

How could an unsuccessful vaccine against Meningitis B, developed in Norway, end up being exported and used..

Another Day

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day in 2004 was the deadliest in recorded history, killing approx..

Black Cod

Only one place on earth is there still a large stock of codfish. Over-fishing, excessive national quotas, a..

Broken Promises

“Broken Promises” is the story of how American agents in Sweden in 2001 secretly deported two Egyptian men ..

The Hunt for Elektron

This is the unique story of a dramatic stand-off in the Barents Sea in October 2005. The Russian trawler “..