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Life Of Vets

“Life of Vets” is a 24 episode docu-reality series following the personal and professional lives of a team ..


In “Singelliv” the viewers get to know single people from around Sweden and their uncensored reality, told ..

The search for Canada's Next Designer

For a group of up-and-coming Canadian design experts, the opportunity of a lifetime is about to begin! THE ..

Trolltunga Rescue

In recent years, Norway has really turned to as a tourist destination for people all around the world. Norw..

Two Summers, One Winter

Thea was educated as a journalist and moved to New York to start her new career. Life was beautiful and the..

Going Wild!

In this prize-winning family TV series, we follow the Krempig family through their adventures in the wild. ..

The Bacteria Threat

Imagine being on vacation abroad, and suddenly, you get so ill that you have to be hospitalized. You push t..

Seduced by love

Seduced by love is a lovestory that takes place under extreme conditions in the Sahara. In six years the di..

Gang Warriors

"Gang Warriors" is a mini-series of two episodes that gives the viewer a feel of how it is like to have a l..

Biggest - season 2

Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet. Peter comes from a small cou..

The Homeless Experience

Just before midnight November 12, 2014 Petter Nyquist (37) leaves his safe family life in the Oslo suburb a..

When Silence Breaks

The documentary series When Silence Breaks follows six individuals in the ages 4 to 65 years, who by variou..

Nazifas Smile

Nazifa was born with a gaping hole in her lip and nose – a condition that provoked disgust and fear in her ..

Fading Away

Dementia has become a widespread disease. It is estimated that 46.8 million people worldwide are living wit..

The Northug Circus - season 2

We know for sure that in the world of cross country skiing, and Norway in general, he is a huge star. Throu..

Biggest - season 1

Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet. Peter comes from a small cou..

Who's been Sleeping in my house?

Every home ha a story to tell.

Every house has a tale to tell. In this third season of ‘Who’S Been Sleep..

Born In The Wrong Body

The feeling of being a girl trapped in the body of a boy is difficult to describe in words. Imagine being a..

Ice Warriors

There’s blood, sweat and hockey aplenty in this entertaining reality series about the human side of profess..

Best of the Best

Best of the best is an entertainment program where 10 of Norway’s most famous athletes from different sport..


This is your chance to see the real, unfiltered lives of the new generation of blogging celebrities. Many o..

Helicopter Rescue

Experience the drama and suspense of helicopter rescues in thrilling footage featuring the RAF Search and R..

Chasing the Worlds largest Number

Ronald Graham is the man behind the largest number ever to be used in a mathematical proof. Graham’s number..

Gustav's Super Race

Gustav’s Super Races shows you the worlds fastest cars put against each other in
adrenaline-filled drag ra..

The King of Biathlon

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is often referred to as the king of biathlon. He is the most medalled Olympian in the..

The Mentality of a Winner

Aksel Lund Svindal is the greatest alpine skier in Norway. Aksel has been through many highs and lows durin..

On The Edge

Thirty-three-year-old Eskil Rønningsbakken from Norway is the world’s most daring extreme-balance artist, T..

Being a Norseman

The documentary “The Norseman Mind” is about the world's toughest Ironman triathlon. It shows the spectacul..

The Fjord Cowboys

The Fjord Cowboys are a pair of “dynamite buddies” and cider-makers who live on the shores of the Hardanger..

Dexpedition - season 2

It`s official! Dexpedition season 2 is here!

Dexpedition is a satirical and chaotic comedy travel progra..

Dexpedition - season 1

Dexpedition is a satirical and chaotic comedy travel programme that shows various destinations around the w..


Set in the glittering fantasy world of Las Vegas, TRANTASIA is a no-holds-barred behind-the-scenes look at ..

Special Emergency Unit - season 1

Join the Swedish Emergency Units- firefighters, ambulance drivers and the police force in their daily work...

Wild Things

In WILD THINGS Maria, Tiara and Cassandra - the three gorgeous transgenders who won the hearts of mainstrea..