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Pregnancy Test

New head of obstetrics department - young and talented Natalya Bakhmetyeva
− comes to the experimental sci..

Norsemen season 1 (Norwegian Language version)

Norsemen is a humorous drama series set in the Viking Age. The year is 790 A.D. We meet our Vikings during ..

Norsemen season 1 (English language)

Norsemen is a humorous drama series set in the Viking Age. The year is 790 A.D. We meet our Vikings during ..

Next Summer - season 3

A new Norwegian summer holiday is approaching and nothing is as easy as it should be.


”Hashtag” is a mockumentary about six bloggers who all have one thing in common — their lives revolve aroun..

Seaside Hotel - season 3

Once again it is summer, and the Sea Side Hotel opens for another season. The year is 1930, and the Great D..


Maniac is the story of Espen, a man in his thirties who’s loved by everyone. His life is one long party. Bu..

Next Summer - season 2

The cliché of the idyllic, cosy sommer holiday at the Norwegian seaside is turned up-side down when the you..

DAG - season 4

To those few who have dared to really live, death appear less frightening.

Small Town Love - season 1

Meet Anette, her daughter Fanny, their hopeless boyfriends Ola and Pontus, nail designer Sol-Britt and Anne..

What's Up? Season 1 & 2 & 3

Told in a contemporary voice, What’s Up? is a comedy series about ordinary people doing ordinary things – a..

Seaside Hotel - season 2

A year has passed: it's the summer of 1929. Having spent the winter on improvements, Maid Fie and hotel own..

Next Summer - season 1

Mention the word “cabin” in Norway and you’ll hear any number of funny tales. Next Summer is about the drea..

Seaside Hotel - season 1

Set in a small Danish hotel on the North Sea coast in the summers of 1928 through 1933, Seaside Hotel follo..

Close to Heaven - season 2

A year has passed and the priest Albin (Johan Glans) has found his place in the parish in Eastern Nöbberup...

Close to Heaven - season 1

Young priest Albin Olsson (Johan Glans) returns from Africa to become a vicar in a small parochial church i..

The Night Shift

Meet a trio of hapless employees who work the night shift at a quiet gas station in Reykjavik. They pass th..

Black Angels 2 x 90'

Set in modern Reykjavík the action centres on a team of four police detectives struggling to solve a serie..

The Press - season 3

Crime is a universal problem and suspense is a universal language. The Press is a unique take on the genre ..

DAG - season 3

The couples therapist who believes everyone should live by themselves has broken his hooliest commandment –..


The Indie satire TV-series H*A*S*H is targeted an audience from the age of 15 and and up. Over 24 episodes,..

Black Angels

Set in modern Reykjavík the action centres on a team of four police detectives struggling to solve a serie..

The Press - season 2

This is the second season of The Press, followed by a very successful first series. The drama is driven for..

The Press - season 1

Produced and aired in 2008. The series offers a new take on the traditional lawenforcementled crime drama. ..

Hlemma Video

A brand new and darkly comic series written by (amongst others) and starring Iceland’s hottest actor and co..

DAG - season 2

Mankind`s worst enemy is itself and nothing is more damaging than an intelligent, honest man with self insi..

Maria - season 2

“Maria” is a prime time character-based TV-drama for all the family. Think Northern Exposure meets Skærgård..

DAG - season 1

From the creators of the award winning TV phenomenon "Seven Deadly Sins" comes a brand new comedy series. A..

Underworld Trilogy

Set in Stockholm, St Petersburg and Helsinki, The Underworld Trilogy tells three stories about drug traffic..

A Good Number Two

Helen Stangeland is dreaming of becoming an actress but lately things have been going less than well. She i..

Maria - season 1

Winner of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009
The TV series “Maria” won the prestigious award for 'B..


Two Swedish business men are kidnapped in Rome by the Mob, and moved to Sicily. Carl Hamilton is sent to Si..

Enemy's Enemy

Someone is killing off Swedish military officers and making it look like the works of Soviet agents. Hamilt..

Six as Us

It is not exactly a sitcom, and not exactly a serious drama either. It is a humorous 1/2 hour 20 part ser..


Emotionally charged miniseries (4 x 48 min / 2 x 90 min) about a Torpedo (enforcer) who has his life turne..


Swedish agents Carl Hamilton (Peter Stormare) and Åke Stålhandske (Mats Långbacka) are ordered to stop Russ..


When the international best-selling authors Jan Guillou (creator of agent Hamilton) and Henning Mankell (cr..

Medicine Man

Martin Holst is the dynamic CEO of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Holst Medicals. When his son Jonas is ki..

Hotel Caesar

The extraordinary success of Norwegian TV2’s daily drama “Hotel Caesar” demonstrates that there’s a demand ..