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Taste of the North Atlantic

Production year: 2014 | 8*23 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Food and cooking from the far North
Origin country: Iceland
Production company: Saga Productions Ltd.
Original title: Nautnir Nordursins
Original language: English
Formats: HD | 16:9 | I sound

Culinary tradition is up against trendiness in four countries on the rim of the North Atlantic ocean. Who would have believed that the best-kept secret in Nordic gastronomy is to be found in Greenland? Or that the Faroe Islands have not only the best but also some of the worst food in region; that Iceland’s traditional cuisine includes a blood-pudding desert; or that Norway has a meat-soup police force? Sagafilm’s new food-culture series opens a new window on innovative gastronomy in the North Atlantic as well as sharing the dark cultinary secrets of the past.

Taste the North Atlantic, Sagafilm's new food culture series, has opened a surprising new window to innovative gastronomy in the North and to the deep dark secrets of the past when it comes to ingredience in these countries.

The traveller, Gísli Örn Gardarsson is going on an inspiration journey to see what has kept these nations going through the centuries and why they are now capturing the attention of the gourmets of the world. Few people would imagine that Greenland will in the future be the land of gourmet travellers. Tasting the traditional food in Greenland will not leave you wanting more, but young chef Inunnguaq Hegelund is one of the secrets that we are about to brake to the world. Leif Sörensen from the Faroe Islands is one of Denmarks best chefs. His food is like an revelation on the verge of a religious experience, whereas the tradtional food is more challenging. In Iceland, nature talent Sveinn Kjartansson makes miracles in and out in his kitchen and in a rather eccentric household on the island Flatey where blood pudding is served as a desert. And finally in Norway we taste the legendary Lutefisk and Faarekaal, before we go on the road with food missionary Hanne Frosta!

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