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"Terror Island" got the prestigious award of "Best News Documentaries"

"Terror Island" got the prestigious award of "Best News Documentaries" on one of Europe`s most important film festivals in Monte Carlo.

Thursday night the director Tommy Gulliksen and the editor Kjell Øvre Helland accepted the award for best news documentary on one of Europe's most important film festivals.

The award handed out, during the film festival, is one of Europe's most prestigious news awards. The festival is one of Europe's largest TV- and film festivals and Prince Albert is the festival's patron.

In all, 70 documentaries were registered, and 19 of them were evaluated. The jury consisted of ten people, mostly recruited from the stations which had movies in the competition. "Terror Island" has competed against the news giants like Al Jazeera, Sky News, CNN and ZDF German Television. Thursday night it was announced that the TV2 documentary won in the category, together with English Al Jazeera, which had a film about the rebellion in Bahrain.

This is the second award that has been given to “Terror Island”. In May the documentary won for "Best current affairs” at “Gullruten” in Norway. The film shows what the paradise, Utøya, was before the mass murderer showed up 22 July. It tells the story of the young people's extreme battle for survival and Norway in bottomless grief the day after.

Kjell Øvre Helland, editor of documentaries in TV 2, has even been in the jury that awarded "Terror Island" as the winner.

- This is a prize to everybody who has worked in news and current affairs around 22 July in TV 2, without the raw material from TV 2 this movie could not been made in this way. Early editorial choices and excellent skills on documentary films have made this to a historic time document: This is how Norway was at that time. This is big for TV 2, since many large TV stations had looked forward to coming home with this year's award, for the major news events that have stood out last year, Helland says.

He received the award together with the director Tommy Gulliksen. Gulliksen has never felt a bigger task than when he made this film.

- The film was to be sent 17 days after 22 July. We wanted to create a modern document that reflected people`s feelings. I went every day thinking if this documentary was right to make. We don`t make documentaries for ourselves, but for the viewers. I am so grateful for the young people that realized it was important to document the feelings they had so shortly after 22 July and create a historic time document. I felt we did that. The fact that we now get recognition in form of awards may show that we did what we wanted to do, to convey the stories and the grief and the very special time in Norway that summer.

Gulliksen and his team are now working on two more films about 22 July.

- It is a kind of trilogy. One follows the young people during the trial and the other follows the young people back to Utøya. I think this always will be a part of my career as a filmmaker, that I regularly go back and follow these young people in their lives after 22 July, he says.

"Terror Island" has so far been sold to 19 countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Poland and the Netherlands.

- I am very pleased and proud that a brilliant journalistic work is rewarded with such a prestigious award. The award is an example of that TV 2 is an important and serious current affair- and news company that dares to focus also on the difficult issues, says editor in chief of TV 2, Alf Hildrum.



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