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Lapp Hat receives award for Best Norwegian Documentary

1st May 2010 “Lapp Hat” wins Best Norwegian Documentary at The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival. While on work as a radio journalist for public bradcaster, NRK, Guro Sanolia Bejerke unwittingly expressed herself in a politically incorrect manner while on the air. Instead of describing part of the Sami traditional suit as a Sami hat, she said Lap Hat. She soon learned she should have better kept her mouth shut.

This radio incident fuelled a huge debate with newspaper articles sprouting anger and hatred. A conflict that was not normally visible suddenly surfaced and Guro herself was accused of being a racist. After the contentious episode Guro's awareness of the conflict between native Norwegians and the Norwegian Samis was heightened to a degree she could not longer ignore.

Lapp hat will give a picture of the complexity of living in a country with two people, the indigenous and the Norwegians. 

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