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Fox shows Passion for Dutch format

Fox has become the latest US network to order a live musical, this time reworking a Dutch format that retells the final hours of Jesus.

The Passion was created by Jacco Doornbos, exec producer at Eye2Eye Media, and is sold by Nordic World. It is described as a “modern and powerful re-interpretation of the last hours of Jesus Christ” and features famous singers, actors and celebrities acting out the biblical story at various locations.

Meanwhile, a 1,000-strong procession wends its way through the city following a giant neon-lit cross, with the show ending when the conviction and death of Jesus is played out in front of the crowds.

German and Norwegian broadcasters have also optioned the format and are developing adaptations but details are under wraps.

Paulina Eklund, Nordic World’s VP of sales, said: “We believe The Passion will have as powerful an impact in the US as it has in the Netherlands. Every year since 2011, the event has attracted thousands of Dutch people to the streets and many more to their TV screens, entertained and moved by one of the world’s great stories.

“It not only delivers a powerful emotional and moral punch but it also responds to the demand for live experiences that entice audiences to watch content in real-time.”

Networks around the world have aired live musical shows in recent years, with three-hour versions of The Sound of Music airing in the US and Denmark while also being prepared for ITV in the UK.

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