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Nordic World's "The Kwis" Voted Funniest TV Show

The Dutch version of Nordic World's format "The Kwis" is the funniest television show currently on Dutch television, according to Comedy Central's yearly humor research. "The Kwis" stars comedians Niels van der Laan, Jeroen Woe, Joep van Deudekom and Rob Urgert, who have excelled in making the Dutch public laugh with their satire and picture jokes. 

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About Nordic World: 

Nordic World was established in 2005 by TV2 Norway and TV4 Sweden to create new sales opportunities for Nordic content by providing a united export platform. It has since expanded to become one of its region’s strongest distribution brands for content from the Nordic, European and North American independent production sectors. The programme sales alliance now also includes the Amsterdam-based format specialist Absolutely Independent. Nordic World’s pipeline of quality content, which spans drama, documentary and formats, is fed by an expanding network of hubs and alliances from across Europe and the US.



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