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The search for Canada's Next Designer

For a group of up-and-coming Canadian design experts, the opportunity of a lifetime is about to begin! THE ..

Biggest - season 2

Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet. Peter comes from a small cou..

The Homeless Experience

Just before midnight November 12, 2014 Petter Nyquist (37) leaves his safe family life in the Oslo suburb a..

When Silence Breaks

The documentary series When Silence Breaks follows six individuals in the ages 4 to 65 years, who by variou..

Kindness Diaries

A heartfelt, humour-filled and jeopardy-laced journey around planet Earth. Leaving his successful but empty..

Big boy and little lady: Expedition Greenland

The Greenland Expedition is an exiting series that shows the beauty of Greenland, and it shows what you can..

Breaking Borders

Seasoned journalist Mariana Van Zeller and acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio travel into conflict zones to g..

Dining with the enemy

Food is a universal language that brings people together... But what if the people are sworn enemies? In "D..

The Northug Circus - season 2

We know for sure that in the world of cross country skiing, and Norway in general, he is a huge star. Throu..

The Secret(s) of Mount Ararat

This documentary attempts to solve one of the most iconic secrets in the world — the location of the mounta..

Biggest - season 1

Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet. Peter comes from a small cou..

Who's been Sleeping in my house?

Every home ha a story to tell.

Every house has a tale to tell. In this third season of ‘Who’S Been Sleep..

The Dream of Europe

In a world beset by war and conflict, the EU’s agency for external border security, Frontex, is striving to..

Born In The Wrong Body

The feeling of being a girl trapped in the body of a boy is difficult to describe in words. Imagine being a..

Helicopter Rescue

Experience the drama and suspense of helicopter rescues in thrilling footage featuring the RAF Search and R..

Truls Mission Hurtigruten

In Truls – Mission Hurtigruten the celebrated Norwegian TV personality Truls Svendsen receives a special 40..

The King of Biathlon

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is often referred to as the king of biathlon. He is the most medalled Olympian in the..

The Mentality of a Winner

Aksel Lund Svindal is the greatest alpine skier in Norway. Aksel has been through many highs and lows durin..

The Fjord Cowboys

The Fjord Cowboys are a pair of “dynamite buddies” and cider-makers who live on the shores of the Hardanger..


They say love has no boundaries, but when love across continents goes bad, who will be there to pick up the..

The Correspondents - season 1

What happens before and after the news?

Too Fat To Fight (season 1 and 2)

12 young men have been rejected by the army simply because they are too fat and out of shape.

These 12 ..

The Road Home

A young woman is driving alone along a dark, lonely road in the middle of the night in the idyllic Swedish ..

History of the Earth

Ever since we were banished from the Garden of Eden, mankind has toiled and striven to transform untamed na..

China - the Enigma

A wonderful 5-part series about culture, history, nature and ordinary life that gets behind grand politics ..

The History of Water

The History of Water is a series on the relationship between man and fresh water. It affords a comprehensiv..