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Kygo: A Billion Streams and Counting

Billions of people all over the world are dancing and chilling out to KYGO's music. How did he break the hi..


“Meetings” is an impressive performance with 4 Norwegian traditional Halling dancers and 4 Chinese Kung Fu ..

Yes We Love This Country

In 2012, the North Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries invited Norwegian concept..

Mari Boine: Global Nomad

In this highly personal documentary we accompany the renowned Sami singer Mari Boine on tour in Europe, to ..

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale The Movie

This is the movie about the fairytale that kick-started when Alexander won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009..

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale at The Opera

Imagine a world with only one fiddle, just one man, one fantastic voice and charms beyond belief.

TenThing Brass Ensemble

Ten girls with the trompetist Tine Thing Helseth as front figure plays in the wintry cold to celebrate the ..

Dark Night of the Soul

This is a ballet production from Katrine Bølstad Company about the life of Jesus in a version that is quite..

Get the Money and Play

Well! This orchestra makes no money anymore! Then your time is limited here!
I’ll die for the music, someo..

Farmers Market in Symphony

The Speed Balkan Boogie Experience.

Edvard Grieg: Concerto in A-minor

In September 2007 Leif Ove Andsnes was soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra at the Grieg Hall, Be..

Edvard Grieg: Chamber Music Gala

This gala concert presents Edvard Grieg as a composer of chamber music and songs performed by international..

A Shy Devil

He hates to travel, but is constantly on the road. He dreads opening nights, but cannot avoid them. It is h..

Ballad for Edvard Grieg

Winner of Golden Prague 2008.
The great composer never played his Ballade in G minor in public, but world ..