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In “Singelliv” the viewers get to know single people from around Sweden and their uncensored reality, told ..

Leilas Super food

Leilas Super Food is a Swedish cooking show from 2016. This is the first season, which is aired in 10 parts..

Mit Frankrig

In this travel documentary Jørgen Leth takes us to France where he shows us his beloved country. We visit h..

Palme - The last hours

A murder that deeply affected the Swedish nation and gave echo all over the world.

När & Fjärran - season 12

Well-known friens and lovebirds take us around the world to popular but also rather hidden gems of holiday ..

Tid for Hjem - season 13

Kjersti Bergesen and her team of experienced Norwegian builders take up interesting refurbishment challenge..

Tina i Fjällen - season 1

Tina Nordström invites some guests to her hideaway, a own cabin in Vemdalen in the Swedish Mountains. She t..

Veterinärerna - season 3

The daily work of a veterinarian requires a broad knowledge and full commitment. Real Vets share their real..

Biggest - season 2

Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet. Peter comes from a small cou..

Äntligen hemma - season 37

Äntligen hemma is a very popular Swedish interior design series produced in unbelievalbe 37 season. Elsa Bi..

Primo Paolo - season 1

Paolo Roberto is Swedish With Italian parents and as passionate about cooking as his relatives in Italy. He..


Six families haven't had time, knowledge or just didn't feel like gardening. Meet the the landscaping exper..


Watch Linda and Ylva - the landscape designers and Pirre - the carpenter how they improve outdoor spaces wh..

112 - Luftens hjältar

Imagine 30 degrees below 0, meters of snow, ice-cold and strong winds - these are the conditions under whic..

Mitt liv som valp

Experienced dog trainer Fredrik Steen helps families to overcome the the challenges with a new puppy. They ..

Fantastiska fynd

Antiques dealers and experts give an insight into the exciting hunt for fascinating objects. They visit pri..

Mitt Kök

Swedish food series. TV4s chefs and confectioners from the Morning Show give daily advice an about Food pre..

Fahléns matäventyr

Hans Fahlén is travelling the world with chef Peter Norman to explore different food cultures. In the first..

Tina i Fjällen - season 2

Tina Nordström invites some guests to her hideaway, a own cabin in Vemdalen in the Swedish Mountains. She t..

SOS Djur

We follow the animal ambulance of Göteborg and Stockholm and Rimbo a veterinarian in rural Strömsholm helpi..

Jul med Ernst - season 7

This is the seventh season of the successful Christmas food show with Ernst Kirchsteiger. Ernst wants to or..

Ernst i Toscana - season 1

Ernst Kirchsteiger has travelled to Italy and explores the Toscany and its food, culture and traditional Cr..

Bygglov - season 10

Matte, Willy and Madeleine are travelling Sweden and help People getting building and refurbishing Projects..

Sommar med Ernst - season 7

Ernst Kirchsteiger takes over a farm in Närke together with the carpenters Pirre Starrin and Mackan Nyhlén...

Cops Worldwide

In major cities across the world, the work of police officers includes dealing with murder, drugs and gang ..

Sick of getting old

In this series, we follow filmmaker Soren Fauli in his attempt to find the way to a better life. He already..

Leilas söta jul

Leila Lindholm takes on Christmas with a strong focus on sweets, pastries, dessert, candy and some American..

Tinas Trädgård - season 2

Singer, tv-host and auto-didact gardening expert Tina Ahlin visits very different families who are unhappy ..

Leila på landet

Leila Lindholm invites us with her simple cuisine inspired food for a lazy day in the hammock or Beach part..

Leila bakar i Frankrike

Leila Lindholm invites for French delicacies but also traditional Swedish pastry in a Beach house near Bord..

Tinas Julkök

Swedish chef Tina Nordström takes us on a Christmas travel around the country and presents us with some dif..