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What's Up? Season 1 & 2 & 3

Production year: 2014 | 3*8*24 | Genres: Fiction
Danish Comedy Hit
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Falster Inc ApS
Original title: Tomgang
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD | 16:9

Told in a contemporary voice, What’s Up? is a comedy series about ordinary people doing ordinary things – a series that celebrates everyday life and the inherent dramas that so many of us experience on a regular basis. The tone is realistic, both in terms of look and content. The humor lies in the dialogue, the situations in which the protagonists find themselves, and the bickering and philosophising that accompanies the action.

Season 1 produced in 2013
A fly on the wall, we follow Mathias (Mick Øgendahl) who has inherited his grandmothers’ convenience store. Mathias dreams of love – of someone to share his life with. However, the attention from those of the opposite sex is lackluster at best. Both Theis (Rune Klan) and the immigrant Aslan (Sami Darr) are part of the convenience store’s décor.  Despite their differences, they are tied together by the spice of life: friendship. One day a florist opens across the street from the convenience store. The girl, (Sarah Grünewald) busy with arranging flowers, catches Mathias’ attention. Could she be the love of his life?

Season 2 produced in 2014
From the convenience store Mathias (Mick Øgendahl) still dreams about the girl across the street (Sarah Grünewald). Theis (Rune Klan) still lives with his mom, Rita (Tina Gylling). Aslan (Sami Darr) still brings illegal Coke-cans to the store. Despite the apparent idleness and grind of everyday life, changes lurk around the corner. In fact, it seems that problems stick to Mathias, Theis and Aslan. Friendship is exactly what is needed in this season of ‘What’s Up?”. It will be fun. It will be sweet. It will be embarassing – it will be ‘WHAT’S UP?” .

Season 3 in production.

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