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IceSar:The Icelandic search & rescue teams

Production year: 2012 | 4x43' | Genres: Factual/Doc
Origin country: Iceland
Production company: Saga Productions Ltd.
Original title: IceSar
Original language: Icelandic
Formats: HD

This documentary follows The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams, the people who respond in case of major emergencies and natural catastrophes, the people trained to expect the unexpected, those willing to risk their own lives in order to save others and those who have prioritized their lives in such a way that volunteer work for ICE-SAR always come first.

The story of ICE-SAR, The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams goes back to 1928. For a !shing nation that draws its livelihood from the North Atlantic, organized sea rescue teams where storms and bad weather can break out without warning are vital. Through the years ICE-SAR teams have grown and have turned out to be vital for both sea and land rescue. This organization is unique in the world. It is completely based and reliant on volunteers, although still bound by laws to send out teams in case of national emergencies. The country’s main security system is based on their deployment whenever needed.

These highly trained volunteers have saved thousands of lives through the years. They are the !rst on the scene In case of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, accidents at sea and avalanches. In recent years, many travelers have become familiar with their work when struggling over rugged terrain or climbing glaciers and mountains without local knowledge, support or the right gear.

In a community of around 300.000 people, 3.500 of them are on call 24/7.

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