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Berlin, as it was

Production year: 2007 | 1x52' | Genres: History
Berlin, as it was
Origin country: Germany
Production company: Polar Film + Medien GmbH
Original title: So war Berlin
Original language: English
Formats: HD

Berlin of the thirties and forties will return to life in historic films found in cellars and barns, on lofts and from inheritances, films that were put together for this documentation. Taken in the thirties and forties they show the city, as well as the people who made those films and experienced the city. They were visitors from all over Germany, foreign tourists, participants of the Olumpic Games and citizens of Berlin.

 Their pictures show an original kaleidoscope of the city: they form a colorful mosaic of historical important events and everyday-life of the thirties and forties. You will see:

- Friedrichstrassse Railway Station, in recent times well known and feared, being a border point for people having a permit to visit in East Germany, the country then still divided.

- City Palace, home of the "Kaiser", the German Emperor, was badly damaged in the war, through it could have been rebuilt, the Communist City Counsil, administrating that sector, blew up the remainders, appearantly due to ideologic reasons, now plans have been made, to rebuld it.

Still images

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