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Private Film Library - with a camera at the Eastern Front

Production year: 1945 | 3x56' | Genres: History
With a camera at the Eastern Front
Origin country: Germany
Production company: Polar Film + Medien GmbH
Original title: Mit der Kamera an der Ostfront
Original language: German
Formats: SD

Karl Höffkes at Polarfilm in Germany is a historian who has collected private film footage since the 1950’s. Now one of the biggest film libraries in the world this series documents German history from a personal view. Hundreds of hours of digitalized footage never broadcasted internationally – in colors!

"Embedded journalists" in the fighting troops of WW II integrated journalists reporting from the front line of the course of a campaign are not an invention of the present.

One of the film journalist was Goetz Hirt-Reger.He was trained in Berlin to film reporter and ordered as a soldier to the Eastern Front. Here he made spectacular, partly color films from the advance on Moscow, the battles of Orel, the tank battle of Kursk, the Kuban bridgehead and at the front of the Dnieper. He filmed the defenses of friendly Romania on the Black Sea, joined a raiding patrol against the Soviet lines and witnessed the bloody battle in the area of Kischinow and Jassy, where some 250,000 German soldiers fell, or fell into Russian captivity.

What hardly anyone knew Hirt-Reger filmed the entire period with two cameras. With one camera, he filmed the official recordings, with his private, he held what was in the "Deutsche Wochenschau" not shown: the uncluttered life of German soldiers in a bloody war.

One of the most important film treasures from the 3rd Reich.

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