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Wild Things

Production year: 2010 | 8*28 | Genres: Reality
Wild Things
Origin country: Canada
Production company: Smocko Productions LLC
Original title: Wild Things
Original language: English
Formats: HD

In WILD THINGS Maria, Tiara and Cassandra - the three gorgeous transgenders who won the hearts of mainstream audiences in the hit documentary film TRANTASIA -- embark on a wild 8-week road-trip with a unique mission: to raise money for Maria’s brother who is suffering from a life-threatening disease. AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE SCREENING: Ep 1: Trailer All Episodes

From bull-riding for bucks to boxing for bread to cat-fishing for coin there is nothing these beauties wont do to raise some cash. Week after crazy week we’ll discover each of these women’s fascinating personal journeys and learn what it takes to become a real woman. With their big hearts and infectious spirits Maria, Tiara and Cassandra are easy to watch and hard to resist... and the wild things they’ll do to raise money for a friend make for an irresistible adventure.

YouTube Promotional Trailer:

EPISODE# 101 (online screening ep 2)
BULL-RIDING RANCH-HANDS - Part 1 “Do you ride it bareback?”
The girls meet cowboy Judd and are treated to a wild bull-riding demo from some real cowboys. They barely survive riding a mechanical bull before getting down and dirty working on the Ranch. Maria and Cassandra get into a serious fight.

EPISODE# 102 (online screening ep 3)
BULL-RIDING RANCH-HANDS - Part 2 “Nothing to fear, but fear itself”
The girls continue their Ranch chores with Judd, including a messy pregnancy test on a cow. Tiara tests her skills by riding a real bull before they all head in to town and meet the small-town locals. A drunken campfire ends the night.

EPISODE# 103 (online screening ep 4)
FISHING FOR HOTDOGS: “We didn’t trick you… We just sold you a hot dog!”
The girls travel to the mountains for some wet’n’wild fun. After lake-fishing, jet-skies and a sexy hot dog sale, the girls try to ‘catch’ some of the young marina boys. Tiara is left to drown after an accident on the lake. An angry local at the saloon confronts the girls.

EPISODE# 104 (online screening ep 5)
BOXING KNOCKOUTS: “Madness! Mayhem! Shenanigans!”
The girls strip down in the ring for some sweaty boxing lessons, then give two professional boxers some ‘tips’ in the locker-room. Cassandra reveals her ‘assets’ as the Ring Girl. A charity boxing match turns ugly when Cassandra hits Tiara in the face.

EPISODE# 105 (online screening ep 6)
GRAPES OF WRATH: “Girl, you just made jam with one foot!”
The girls get down and dirty for the grape as they learn the ins and outs of winemaking. A grape stomping session ends in a dirty free-for-all. Maria must inject herself with hormones. The girls reveal all to the locals at the evening fundraiser.

EPISODE# 106 (online screening ep 7)
SLAUGHTERHOUSE THREE: “You gotta kill the cow before you grill the cow!”
The girls arrive at the slaughterhouse and find themselves in a meat cooler filled with hanging carcasses. A picky customer is upset when the girls wreak havoc making her sausage order. Cassandra and Tiara fight over broken sunglasses. The girls hit town to do a beef jerky promotion.

EPISODE# 107 (online screening ep 8)
ATV…OMG! “Girls, are you ready to ride?”
The girls expose the off-road all-terrain lifestyle when they work as mechanics at a local cycle center. Cassandra joins the managers in their office for a frank talk about sex. The girls hit the sand hills in fast and furious dune buggies before throwing a sexy bikini carwash.

EPISODE# 108 (online screening ep 9)
The girls learn to shoot real guns before earning their sexy security guard outfits. Some horny neighborhood guys take the girls to a local bar where Tiara makes out with a cute girl while her boyfriend watches. A night assignment patrolling a Feed Yard turns scary.


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