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The Future of Water

Production year: 2007 | 3*52 | Genres: Current Affairs
The future of water is the future of humankind.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Terje Tvedt
Original title: The Future of Water
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: M&E

Written and presented by Professor Terje Tvedt, this comprehensive series on the future relationship between man and fresh water is filmed in more than 25 countries.

It addresses the major issues in what Tvedt calls the future “age of insecurity of water”, and shows why the world´s political leaders have repeatedly declared that safeguarding water is set to be one of most daunting challenges in the decades to come. Tvedt also examines how fear of climate change and the struggle to manage water will determine power structures, economic development, the relationship between rich and poor, and the destiny of countries and even whole continents. The three-part documentary is based on Tvedt´s many books on water-society issues.

You will find many documentaries on certain aspects of water, but this film will take you on a different road. "The Future of Water" is telling a comprehensive, coherent and original story of how the future of humankind also will be the future of freshwater. This film describes societies through water as the looking glass, and thus presents a new and fresh perspective on world development.

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