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Do the Norwegian State have a national plan for how to stay rich and at the same time sleep well at night during the financial crisis?
Women in Mosavi campaign 1
An awakening has taken place in Iran - led by women. This is the story of how brave women have - and are - changing Iran
A town betrayed
This two-part documentary reveals how al-Qaeda used Bosnia as a training-ground, money-laundering centre and forward operating base during the brutal civil war of 1992-95. The veterans went on to attack New York, Washington DC, London, Madrid, Mombasa and Bali. The story also reveals how the people of Srebrenica were betrayed by the Sarajevo government in advance of the massacres of July 1995.
Two sides of the Shakespeare Authorship debate -embodied by two very different characters.
Gruppbild med Daniel
The documentary provides an in-depth view of the life of the Royal Swedish family.
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