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Stand MIPCOM07
White stand with NRK logo with the three others - and with NordicWorld`s new identity at the front desk. This is how NordicWorld presents itself at the Cannes autumn television market in October. Stand no. LR 3.11
NRK HQ with flag
As from August 2007, Norwegian Broadcasting Corportation NRK has joined the NordicWorld initiative on international distribution.

- We welcome onboard the "mother" of all broadcasting in Norway and appreciate what she brings to the table of quality programs in all genres, says Ivar Steen-Johnsen, NordicWorld CEO.
The award-winning Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is one of the world’s best-selling authors. His books are published in 56 languages.
Join him along the Pilgrimage route to Santiage de Compostella, and hear his thoughts and life, love and dreams.

Tangaroa 1
All his life, Olav Heyerdahl had heard the stories of his grandfather: of how he crossed the Pacific in 1947 on a primitive raft made of balsa wood. Now at last, he got to experience it first hand.
Linda Nyberg with the crowncouple of Norway
Join us as we dive into the lives of the most popular monarchs in Europe. We take a closer peak at the heirs to the throne in both Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden.
Water dam
Water is mankind's main resource. We cannot live without water. But climatic changes are influencing how water flows and runs in our society. So what will the future of water look like? These are the questions raised by Professor Terje Tvedt in the documentary “The Future of Water”, a follow up to the international TV-success "The History of Water" 10 years ago.


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