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Expedition Shakespeare - Book out now

Organist Petter Amundsen has long believed that Francis Bacon, and not William Shakespeare wrote the greatest sonnets and plays of English literature. Now, he and famous Norwegian author Erlend Loe have written a book about it.

Amundsen have used years deciphering and understanding the secret codes of Shakespearean writing only to find hidden messages  in the scriptures, signs indicating that Bacon is the true author. Amundsens theorem of conspiracies has not gone unnoticed in the world of literature and not everyone merits his work.

Norwegian writer Erlend Loe is a writer somewhat shy of the general norm, himself. His authorship has been distinguished by unusual and absurd main characters.  When he was approached by Amundsen eho suggested they write a book together, Loe figured the man was either “cracy or genius”. Loe was convinced the latter.

Now, Amundsen and Loe have now finished a book together, giving the reader associations to the conspiracy-theories of Dan Brown and the colorful expeditions of Indiana Jones. Here, the controversy around the authorship debate is viewed in detail.
The book has  been translated from Norwegian to Danish.

See the Danish article here.

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