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October 4, 2013
22.07 – The Eyewitnesses recently won Prix Italia 2013 in the category "Current Affairs."
May 24, 2013
The producer behind Exit Afghanistan (pictured), NRK’s follow-up series
to its successful Afghan Nightmare, talks to realscreen about the challenges
of documenting the withdrawal of Norwegian troops from Afghanistan.

Comeback Kids  Ad pic
April 23, 2013
According to Ann Christin Siljan, Sales & Acquisitions director at Nordic World, in times of recession people want to be entertained. However, the Scandinavian view is to offer socially engaging shows that can change people's lives.

Article from ttvnews
Glomfjellets Hemmeligheter
April 17, 2013
Award winning Broadcaster and producer NRK reaps yet another prize; this time in the prestigious PRIX CIRCOM (awarded in the beginning of May)
Yes we love this country Ad pic
April 16, 2013
As one of two programs from Public Norwegian Broadcaster NRK, documentary «Yes we Love this Country» is selected to be screened during this year’s INPUT conference in El Salvador in May.


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