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Truls Oppdrag Hurtigruten

In Truls – Mission Hurtigruten the celebrated Norwegian TV personality Truls Svendsen receives a special 40..

Sick of getting old

In this series, we follow filmmaker Soren Fauli in his attempt to find the way to a better life. He already..

Pretty Fish

A unique and quirky cooking and lifestyle programme where different types of "sh
dishes are prepared with ..

A man disembarked from the England boat

When 23-year-old Englishman William Slingsby, disembarked in 1872, his arrival marked the dawn of mountaine..

Dance Beyond Borders

Hallgrim Hansegård is a pioneering dancer, philosopher and scholar. His roots are from the Norwegian countr..

The Snow Ball War

The small town of Vardoe is located on an island high up in arctic Norway. The Barents Sea surrounding the ..

Leila's Christmas 1

Chef Leia Lindholm greets Christmas with a batch of cookies and sweets in her lovely advent kitchen.
The ..

Coasts of Denmark

Join us on a fantastic journey along the Danish coastline and into the way it has shaped Denmark and its pe..

The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams: Haiti Response

Twenty three hours after the Haiti earthquake of the 12th of January 2010 a group of 36 highly trained ICE-..