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The Rescue Squadron

The men of the 330 Squadron put their lives on the line - every day of every week. When the alarm sounds, e..

Antarctica - a Memorable Voyage

A fascinating encounter of breathtaking natural environment on a sailing voyage from the Falklands via Sout..

Street Skills

Street Skills shorts & fillers in top broadcasting quality

Street Skills is a lifestyle featuring creati..

The Good Capitalist

In the middle of the finance crisis, the Norwegian State has a national plan for how to stay rich and at th..

K2: Triumph and tragedy

On one of the world's most dangerous mountains, a disastrous summit attempt claims the death of 11 people, ..

Cape to Cape – on a shoestring

In November 2007, two friends set out on the greatest hitch-hiking trip of their lives. Their goal is to ge..

The Oslo Opera House

Norway has finally achieved its longstanding ambition to build a new opera house, with the result that it n..

The Princes of Tennis

1982. One of the greatest tennis players of all time and the most famous Swede ever, Bjorn
Borg, announces..

The Heart of Hockey

Peter Forsberg is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He is also one of 24 the great hockey