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Land of the Whales

To some, Kaldfjord in Troms is a normal town in the north of Norway. But for its residents, the last four w..

The Worlds forgotten Forests

The trees of a forest absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), cleanse air and water, and help with climate stabilisati..

Wild Things Britain

Wild Things explores Britain's dramatically changing wildlife by examining what grows where and why.

A Deep Secret

Something strange is happening on the Arctic Island of Spitsbergen.

Balto – A Hero From Alaska

In 1925 Balto, a Norwegian-owned Siberian husky, was instrumental in saving the lives of many young people ..

The Measure of Man

Is the environmental crisis really a crisis of environment or is it the crisis of our aspirations,
values ..

Baffin Babes: 80 Days in the Arctic

In this documentary we follow the adventures of four cheerful, life-affirming and dauntless young women who..

The Hardanger Plateau and National Park

The largest mountain plateau in Europe with Norway’s biggest stock of wild reindeer and rich bird and anima..

The Nature Philosopher

Is the little brook behind the family home the way into the wonderland of nature?
Norwegian nature philos..

The Wildlife Vet - season 1

Animal lover and veterinarian Silje (29) and her husband Gaute (30) spend a year travelling the world, help..

CarboOcean - Hunting for CO2

Good news – if we stop our CO2 emissions now, the ocean will be able to absorb all of the CO2 that we have ..

Melting Arctic

When the Polar ice melts due to climate change, it is the daily life in Greenland and Northern Canada that ..

Battle in the Ice - Amundsen Omega3 south pole race

Antarctica is known as the last continent. It is twice as big as Australia and only 500 people live there f..

My Seventh Spring

Six-year-old Ragnar enjoys an unforgettable spring in the wilds of Norway's rugged west coast. Together wit..

Winter In A World Of White

Norwegian Stein P. Aasheim, a full-time adventurer for thirty years who had climbed Mount Everest, twice sk..

On the Wings Towards West

In the early 1800s, many countries drove the white-tailed eagle to extinction by extensive hunting. Around ..

Rovers of the Rivers - Atlantic Salmon

Three precarious years spent as parr in their natal river, followed by another three ranging the rich north..

The Neighbour

Less than two years from now a highly sophisticated NASA robot will land on Mars. Its task will be to deter..

Natural Shapes

For some years past NRK's Arild Hagen has ranged the world in search of material for his new series - six p..

Millennial Oak

Millennial Oak

Southern Norway is the proud guardian of an oak tree, the Mollestad Oak, that is more tha..

Flying Colours

Birds are among the most exquisite and beautiful creatures on earth. Even the most accomplished designer wo..

Tuxedo Ice Bather

This programme closely follows the life of this hardy little bird - the Dipper - throughout all four season..

History of the Earth

Ever since we were banished from the Garden of Eden, mankind has toiled and striven to transform untamed na..

Wet Wild Wonderful

The international press has on more than one occasion proclaimed Norway to be the world’s loveliest tourist..

Nature Fillers


Fillers from the Nature Department: Interval s..

On Thin Ice

The Arctic sea ice is melting. This programme shows the importance of this ice to the animals whose home it..

Riches From The Deep

Fish are food, and food is wealth. Recognition of this fact has linked the lives of men and fish since the ..

Trout Bum 2

It is all about cracking the code every day, in the every-day- situations.

Hunting and Fishing

To be at the right spot alongside the salmon river with your fishing pole at exactly the right time is an a..