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Cold Heart

An arctic action series about Anneli (12), a city girl forced to move north. She meets local boy Isak (12),..

The Tower Agents and the mysterious Christmas gift

Three young children have a secret club - “The Tower Agents” - in the tower of the old village Church. Just..

Tuva from Tarva

Seven-year-old Tuva and her mother are leaving city life to move to Tarva, a small island off Norway's west..

Brian Magic

The magician Brian is an eight-year-old charmer who performs his magic with a twinkle in his eye.

Selik and Katrine

Katrine, a 20-year-old Norwegian girl returns to the holiday island Teistklubben, where a year earlier she ..

Summer with Selik

This is the enchanting - and true - story of the relationship between seventeen-year-old Katrine and her be..

Marcus and The Eagle

Marcus is a young boy fighting for an endangered species of eagles - a battle that puts him up against crim..

Jonson & Pipen

The 17th Century: a dramatic period in Europe. A time of secret agents and spies, where brave men and women..

The Snowchildren

The snowchildren Tea, Tigg and TomTom welcome you to their white fantasy world, where the magic never ends!