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Seaside Hotel S2

The series is set at a small Danish seaside hotel in the summers of 1928 through 1933. It fo..

Seaside Hotel

The series is set at a small Danish seaside hotel on the North Sea coast in the summers of 1928 through 193..

Close to Heaven - season 1

Close to heaven is an eight part swedish comedy series from 2013.
The young priest Albin Olsson. (Johan G..

DAG - Season 3

The couples therapist who believes everyone should live by themselves has broken his hooliest commandment –..


ÁSTRÍÐUR tells the story of a young woman at a crossroads in her life. After
"nishing business university ..

Hlemma Video

A brand new and darkly comic series written by (amongst others) and starring Iceland’s hottest actor and co..

DAG - Season 2

Mankind`s worst enemy is itself and nothing is more damaging than an intelligent, honest man with self insi..

Maria, season II

“Maria” is a prime time character-based TV-drama for all the family. Think Northern Exposure meets Skærgård..

DAG - Season 1

From the creators of the award winning TV phenomenon "Seven Deadly Sins" comes a brand new comedy series. A..

A Good Number Two

’A good number two’ is the story of Helen Stangeland (Henriette Steenstrup) who is longing to make her drea..

Maria season I

Winner of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009
The TV series “Maria” won the prestigious award for 'B..

Six as Us

It is not exactly a sitcom, and not exactly a serious drama either. It is a humorous 1/2 hour 20 part ser..