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The Bacteria Threat

Imagine being on vacation abroad, and suddenly, you get so ill that you have to be hospitalized. You push t..

The Dark Side of Bridge

What is the price to pay for being a whistleblower in the world of sports? This documentary follows the pro..

Leilas Super food

Leilas Super Food is a Swedish cooking show from 2016. This is the first season, which is aired in 10 parts..

An Adventure Through the Lens

He is a world class nature photographer. Audun Rikardsen still has the urge to take pictures that no one h..


Ice, driftwood, foamy waves and - skateboards? In this poetic short film, four skaters head north to the co..

Mit Frankrig

In this travel documentary Jørgen Leth takes us to France where he shows us his beloved country. We visit h..

Palme - The last hours

A murder that deeply affected the Swedish nation and gave echo all over the world.

King and Queen for 25 years

NRK tells their story, both retrospectively via its vast archive and through new interviews and private pho..

När & Fjärran - season 12

Well-known friens and lovebirds take us around the world to popular but also rather hidden gems of holiday ..

Europe for Sale

Under the disguise of a Pakistani refugee, journalist Kadafi Zaman tries to reveal how the trade with refug..

Tid for Hjem - season 13

Kjersti Bergesen and her team of experienced Norwegian builders take up interesting refurbishment challenge..


The NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was deployed in Afghanistan in 2001, and ended its ..

The Deepest Dive

In a Norwegian fjord ten Americans are doing what no one has ever done before. They dive and work at a dept..

Kygo: A Billion Streams and Counting

Billions of people all over the world are dancing and chilling out to KYGO's music. How did he break the hi..

A Nobel Cause

"A delightfully witty, highly individual glimpse behind the normally closed doors of one of the world’s mos..

Land of the Whales

To some, Kaldfjord in Troms is a normal town in the north of Norway. But for its residents, the last four w..