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Shut Up Woman

Especially if you are an outspoken celebrity woman. Why can’t women speak up, without getting sexist and sp..

Ice Warriors

There’s blood, sweat and hockey aplenty in this entertaining reality series about the human side of profess..

Best of the Best

Best of the best is an entertainment program where 10 of Norway’s most famous athletes from different sport..


This is your chance to see the real, unfiltered lives of the new generation of blogging celebrities. Many o..

Gustav's Super Race

Gustav’s Super Races shows you the worlds fastest cars put against each other in
adrenaline-filled drag ra..

Dexpedition - season 2

It`s official! Dexpedition season 2 is here!

Dexpedition is a satirical and chaotic comedy travel progra..

Dexpedition - season 1

Dexpedition is a satirical and chaotic comedy travel programme that shows various destinations around the w..


Set in the glittering fantasy world of Las Vegas, TRANTASIA is a no-holds-barred behind-the-scenes look at ..

Special Emergency Unit - season 1

Join the Swedish Emergency Units- firefighters, ambulance drivers and the police force in their daily work...

Wild Things

In WILD THINGS Maria, Tiara and Cassandra - the three gorgeous transgenders who won the hearts of mainstrea..