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Palme - The last hours

A murder that deeply affected the Swedish nation and gave echo all over the world.

The Children from Vietnam

In the autumn of 1968 a plane landed at Oslo’s Fornebu Airport with a very special cargo on board: 69 small..

Snøhetta at Ground Zero

In 2004 Snøhetta, a noted Norwegian firm of architects, was assigned the task of designing a memorial muse..

22 July: The Eyewitnesses

To Norwegians, as to Scandinavians in general, the thought of becoming the object of a major terrorist atta..

Treasure From The Deep

One memorable June day in 1972 the lives of three young divers, one Norwegian, the other two Swedes, were c..

Balto – A Hero From Alaska

In 1925 Balto, a Norwegian-owned Siberian husky, was instrumental in saving the lives of many young people ..

History of the German Air Force 1914-1945

No sooner the first aircraft rose into the sky, the military took hold of the new invention. As far back a..

History of the German Navy 1914-1945

The German Navy took part in operations on all the world`s oceans. Created in the twenties out of nothing, ..

Berlin, as it was

Berlin of the thirties and forties will return to life in historic films found in cellars and barns, on lof..

History of the German Tank Forces

Modern weapons- techniques and military strategies determined since times the performance and the outcome o..

Nidaros Cathedral

As one approaches Nidaros Cathedral, the edifice looms ever larger. A veritable colossus, despite its bulk ..

Private Film Library - with a camera at the Eastern Front

Karl Höffkes at Polarfilm in Germany is a historian who has collected private film footage since the 1950’s..

Stealing History

A two-year exposé by three journalists from Britain, Norway and Pakistan reveals for the first time the clo..

Living Testimony from the Holocaust

Prior to the Second World War, some 2,000 Jews lived in Norway; today, only a handful are still alive. This..