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The Children from Vietnam

In the autumn of 1968 a plane landed at Oslo’s Fornebu Airport with a very special cargo on board: 69 small..

The White-tailed Eagles' Unseen Enemy

A pair of white-tailed eagles – sea eagles - have successfully hatched two chicks in their tree-top nest - ..

Dream Of Europe, The

The Dream of Europe is a four-part documentary centered upon the dramatic effects of Europe’s border polici..

Born In The Wrong Body

The feeling of being a girl trapped in the body of a boy can hardly be described in words. Imaging being a ..

Helicopter Rescue

Experience the drama and suspense of thrilling rescue footage featuring the RAF Search and Rescue Force in ..

The Wildlife vet season 2

Silje is a veterinarian by trade and together with her husband Gaute they had the good fortune of spending ..

Truls Oppdrag Hurtigruten

In Truls – Mission Hurtigruten the celebrated Norwegian TV personality Truls Svendsen receives a special 40..

Chasing The World's largest number

Art meets science – a poetic math road trip

In California lives Robert Graham, the man behind the larges..

Thor Heyerdahl - The Legend and the Man

THOR HEYERDAHL, The Kon-Tiki Man as everyone liked to call him, was born in 1914 and died in April 2002.