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22 July: The Eyewitnesses

To Norwegians, as to Scandinavians in general, the thought of becoming the object of a major terrorist atta..

Leila's Christmas 1

Chef Leia Lindholm greets Christmas with a batch of cookies and sweets in her lovely advent kitchen.
The ..

A Deep Secret

Something strange is happening on the Arctic Island of Spitsbergen.

Treasure From The Deep

One memorable June day in 1972 the lives of three young divers, one Norwegian, the other two Swedes, were c..

Balto – A Hero From Alaska

In 1925 Balto, a Norwegian-owned Siberian husky, was instrumental in saving the lives of many young people ..

The Measure Of Man

Is the environmental crisis really a crisis of environment or is it the crisis of our aspirations,
values ..

The Fathers

The Norwegian terrorist has himself refused to discuss his home life, but in this programme, for the first ..

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

The people of Norway were taken aback when they learned that a single mother, who had lived life to the ful..

CQB - Close Quarter Battle

CQB will deliver a game changing viewing experience that pulls the viewer into understanding what it feels ..