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Scoring with Science

Discovery icon Jay Ingram anchors an all-new, action packed behind-the-scenes look at the science of hockey..

Kon-Tiki - In the Light of Time

A foolhardy feat or a necessary scientific experiment? The primitive Inca balsa raft left the seaport of Ca..

Competing in the Mongol Rally with Team Bachstad

Two Norwegian comedians in a 40-year-old fire engine take part in a charity race, the Mongol Rally. But wil..

A man disembarked from the England boat

When 23-year-old Englishman William Slingsby, disembarked in 1872, his arrival marked the dawn of mountaine..

Cold Sweat

In an attempt to change history, in December 2011/January 2012, 17 contestants from 6 countries battled it ..

Terror Island - The Verdict

Version Including The Verdict
Six months after the terrorist paralyzed Norway, we meet again four people w..

IceSar:The Icelandic search & rescue teams

This documentary follows The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams, the people who respond in case of major eme..

Tainted Gold

The manufacture of Omega-3 capsules has evolved into a highly lucrative industry throughout the western wor..

Terror Island- Return to The Island

Survivors of the terrorist attack revisit Utøya and the tragic events of 22nd July 2011.
The documentary ..