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In search for the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have intrigued and mystified mankind since the dawn of time. Nowhere are they brighter ..

To the South Pole and Back – Alone and Unaided

Aleksander Gamme is one of Norway’s most versatile and resourceful adventurers. In this programme he crosse..

On The Edge

"On The Edge" is a documentary about 33 year old Eskil Ronningsbakken
from Norway - the world's most darin..

The Northern Railway

If you had just one day to spend in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, and you wanted to see it i..

The road to the Amazon

A rookie and an expert from Norway, travel the footsteps on a 100 year old expedition in Peru. They will c..

Wild Things

Wild Things explores Britain's dramatically changing wildlife by examining what grows where and why.

Being a Norseman

The documentary “The Norseman Mind” is about the world's toughest Ironman triathlon. It shows the spectacul..

The Fjord Cowboys

The Fjord Cowboys is a documentary that follows a pair of “dynamite buddies” and cider-makers living on the..

Sick of getting old

In this series, we follow filmmaker Soren Fauli in his attempt to find the way to a better life. He already..