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Portrait of a Mall Terrorist

Hassan came to Norway from Somalia when he was only eight years old. Last year he made his way to Nairobi, ..

Operation Odin

Ninety-year-old Paul Smith looks back on an extraordinary spy story from the era of the Cold War, a story w..

Who's been Sleeping in my house?

Every home ha a story to tell

Every house has a tale to tell. In this third season of ‘Who’S Been Sleepi..

Alarm 112 Season 12

They prefer not to be called everyday heroes, because they only do their job.

Cops Worldwide

In major cities across the world, the work of police officers includes murder, drugs and gang wars on a dai..

The Children from Vietnam

In the autumn of 1968 a plane landed at Oslo’s Fornebu Airport with a very special cargo on board: 69 small..

The White-tailed Eagles' Unseen Enemy

A pair of white-tailed eagles – sea eagles - have successfully hatched two chicks in their tree-top nest - ..

Dream Of Europe, The

The Dream of Europe is a four-part documentary centered upon the dramatic effects of Europe’s border polici..

Born In The Wrong Body

The feeling of being a girl trapped in the body of a boy can hardly be described in words. Imaging being a ..