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Big boy and little lady: Expedition Greenland

The Greenland Expedition is an exiting series that shows the beauty of Greenland, and it shows what you can.. focuses on the global rise in online dating scams in recent years.

For many, online datin..

The Women IS Fears

The terrorists in the so-called Islamic State (IS) look down on women. They enslave, rape and sell women fo..

Breaking Borders

“Breaking Borders” follows seasoned journalist Mariana Van Zeller and acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio as t..

The Northug Circus seas 3

We know for sure that in the world of cross country skiing, and Norway in general, he is a huge star. Throu..

The Northug Circus seas 2

We know for sure that in the world of cross country skiing, and Norway in general, he is a huge star. Thro..

The Secret(s) of Mount Ararat

Where good meets evil.
During centuries people risked their lives and even died on high elevation on Moun..

Taste Of The North Atlantic

Tradition is up against the trend in food culture, in four countries by the North Atlantic Ocean. Who would..


Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet.

Portrait of a Mall Terrorist

Hassan came to Norway from Somalia when he was only eight years old. Last year he made his way to Nairobi, ..

Operation Odin

Ninety-year-old Paul Smith looks back on an extraordinary spy story from the era of the Cold War, a story w..

Who's been Sleeping in my house?

Every home ha a story to tell

Every house has a tale to tell. In this third season of ‘Who’S Been Sleepi..

Alarm 112 Season 12

They prefer not to be called everyday heroes, because they only do their job.

Cops Worldwide

In major cities across the world, the work of police officers includes murder, drugs and gang wars on a dai..

The Children from Vietnam

In the autumn of 1968 a plane landed at Oslo’s Fornebu Airport with a very special cargo on board: 69 small..

The White-tailed Eagles' Unseen Enemy

A pair of white-tailed eagles – sea eagles - have successfully hatched two chicks in their tree-top nest - ..

Dream Of Europe, The

The Dream of Europe is a four-part documentary centered upon the dramatic effects of Europe’s border polici..

Born In The Wrong Body

The feeling of being a girl trapped in the body of a boy can hardly be described in words. Imaging being a ..

Helicopter Rescue

Experience the drama and suspense of thrilling rescue footage featuring the RAF Search and Rescue Force in ..

The Wildlife vet season 2

Silje is a veterinarian by trade and together with her husband Gaute they had the good fortune of spending ..

Truls Oppdrag Hurtigruten

In Truls – Mission Hurtigruten the celebrated Norwegian TV personality Truls Svendsen receives a special 40..

Chasing The World's largest number

Art meets science – a poetic math road trip

In California lives Robert Graham, the man behind the larges..

Thor Heyerdahl - The Legend and the Man

THOR HEYERDAHL, The Kon-Tiki Man as everyone liked to call him, was born in 1914 and died in April 2002.

The worlds forgotten forest

The trees of a forest absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), cleanse air and water and help towards climate stabiliza..

The King of Biathlon

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is often referred to as the king of biathlon. He is the most medalled Olympian in the..

The Mentality of a Winner

Aksel Lund Svindal is the greatest alpine skier in Norway.
Aksel has been through many highs and lows dur..

In search for the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have intrigued and mystified mankind since the dawn of time. Nowhere are they brighter ..

To the South Pole and Back – Alone and Unaided

Aleksander Gamme is one of Norway’s most versatile and resourceful adventurers. In this programme he crosse..

On The Edge

"On The Edge" is a documentary about 33 year old Eskil Ronningsbakken
from Norway - the world's most darin..

Wild Things

Wild Things explores Britain's dramatically changing wildlife by examining what grows where and why.

Being a Norseman

The documentary “The Norseman Mind” is about the world's toughest Ironman triathlon. It shows the spectacul..

The Fjord Cowboys

The Fjord Cowboys is a documentary that follows a pair of “dynamite buddies” and cider-makers living on the..

Sick of getting old

In this series, we follow filmmaker Soren Fauli in his attempt to find the way to a better life. He already..


Over 50.000 people in Denmark get ill from food consumption every year. “Razzia” follow The Danish food min..


Shortlisted at Prix Italia 2013

The Secrets of the Glom Mountain

Accompanied by his teenage daughter, nature photographer Tom returns to the mysterious mountain he explored..

Masters and Servants


Filipino au pairs are exploited by quite a few Norwegian..

The Observers

The international civilian observers have patrolled the streets of Hebron for almost twenty years. Their jo..


International troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

In December 2012 there ..

Terror strikes at In Amenas

January 16, 2013 marked the worst terrorist outrage ever perpetrated against Norwegian interests abroad.


A Boy`s Destiny

Should he stay or should he go? The little boy was placed in foster home care only two days old, since his ..

Yes We Love This Country

In 2012, the North Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries invited Norwegian concept..

The Northug Circus

Who is Petter Northug?

Mission Northern Norway

Join Norway’s best extreme sport athletes on their trip down the most extraordinary and beautiful coast of ..

Normal Madness

Most people are slightly mad!

The Herdal Nymph

Deep in the heart of Sunnmøre on Norway's rugged west coast lies the Herdal valley. The spectacular mountai..

The Puzzle of the Kensington Runestone

The Kensington Rune Stone is a 200-pound slab of greywacke covered on its face and sides with runes. The au..

Snøhetta at Ground Zero

In 2004 Snøhetta, a noted Norwegian firm of architects, was assigned the task of designing a memorial muse..

A Closed Fist Can Grasp Nothing

The social and economic changes taking place all over the world are spreading anxiety and fear among ordina..

Crop Circle, Embrace the Mystery

See it, feel it, explore it…what do you believe?

Made Of Steel

Extreme sports participant fights her way back!

Let The Scream Be Heard

‘Let the scream be heard’ is an international documentary film focusing on an artistic investigation to rev..

Scoring with Science

Discovery icon Jay Ingram anchors an all-new, action packed behind-the-scenes look at the science of hockey..

Kon-Tiki - In the Light of Time

A foolhardy feat or a necessary scientific experiment? The primitive Inca balsa raft left the seaport of Ca..

Competing in the Mongol Rally with Team Bachstad

Two Norwegian comedians in a 40-year-old fire engine take part in a charity race, the Mongol Rally. But wil..

A man disembarked from the England boat

When 23-year-old Englishman William Slingsby, disembarked in 1872, his arrival marked the dawn of mountaine..

Cold Sweat

In an attempt to change history, in December 2011/January 2012, 17 contestants from 6 countries battled it ..

Terror Island - The Verdict

Version Including The Verdict
Six months after the terrorist paralyzed Norway, we meet again four people w..

IceSar:The Icelandic search & rescue teams

This documentary follows The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams, the people who respond in case of major eme..

Tainted Gold

The manufacture of Omega-3 capsules has evolved into a highly lucrative industry throughout the western wor..

Terror Island- Return to The Island

Survivors of the terrorist attack revisit Utøya and the tragic events of 22nd July 2011.
The documentary ..

Terror Island - The Trial

Six months after the terrorist paralyzed Norway, we meet again four people who got their life changed 22 Ju..

The Green Planet

For millions of years, human beings, the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet, have been exp..

Dance Beyond Borders

Hallgrim Hansegård is a pioneering dancer, philosopher and scholar. His roots are from the Norwegian countr..

The Snow Ball War

The small town of Vardoe is located on an island high up in arctic Norway. The Barents Sea surrounding the ..


In the months following that fateful day, July 22, 2011, NRK has maintained close contact with three of the..

Deep Trouble

Lake Victoria - One of the world’s biggest fresh water lakes and “the blue lung of Africa”. All too often t..

22 July: The Eyewitnesses

To Norwegians, as to Scandinavians in general, the thought of becoming the object of a major terrorist atta..

Leila's Christmas 1

Chef Leia Lindholm greets Christmas with a batch of cookies and sweets in her lovely advent kitchen.
The ..

A Deep Secret

Something strange is happening on the Arctic Island of Spitsbergen.

Treasure From The Deep

One memorable June day in 1972 the lives of three young divers, one Norwegian, the other two Swedes, were c..

Balto – A Hero From Alaska

In 1925 Balto, a Norwegian-owned Siberian husky, was instrumental in saving the lives of many young people ..

The Measure Of Man

Is the environmental crisis really a crisis of environment or is it the crisis of our aspirations,
values ..

The Fathers

The Norwegian terrorist has himself refused to discuss his home life, but in this programme, for the first ..

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

The people of Norway were taken aback when they learned that a single mother, who had lived life to the ful..

CQB - Close Quarter Battle

CQB will deliver a game changing viewing experience that pulls the viewer into understanding what it feels ..

The Afghan Nightmare

Both NATO and the US are keen to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, as it is becoming increasingly app..

History of the German Air Force 1914-1945

No sooner the first aircraft rose into the sky, the military took hold of the new invention. As far back a..

History of the German Navy 1914-1945

The German Navy took part in operations on all the world`s oceans. Created in the twenties out of nothing, ..

Berlin, as it was

Berlin of the thirties and forties will return to life in historic films found in cellars and barns, on lof..

History of the German Tank Forces

Modern weapons- techniques and military strategies determined since times the performance and the outcome o..

Peenemûnde: Hitler`s secret Weapons Factory

The landing on the moon of Apollo 11, July 1969, was one of man`s greatest achievements. It`s roots lie in ..

The Nile Quest

The documentary The Nile Quest is a journey up the world’s longest river together with Terje Tvedt, Ph.D., ..

Words That Kill

Many people have long feared attacks by Islamic terrorists, especially since the destruction of the Twin To..

Nickel City Smiler

Nickel City Smiler chronicles a refugee’s fight for survival and hope in the American

The Wedding Speech

The Wedding Speech provides an intimate picture of Norway's Crown Prince and Princess, who married in 2001...

Coasts of Denmark

Join us on a fantastic journey along the Danish coastline and into the way it has shaped Denmark and its pe..

A Different Royal Interview

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the wedding between HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince ..

The Icelandic Search and Rescue Teams: Haiti Response

Twenty three hours after the Haiti earthquake of the 12th of January 2010 a group of 36 highly trained ICE-..

Mission Sognefjorden

Come join Norway’s best extreme sport athletes work their way through Norway’s most extraordinary and beaut..

Nidaros Cathedral

As one approaches Nidaros Cathedral, the edifice looms ever larger. A veritable colossus, despite its bulk ..

When Terror Hit Norway

Friday 22 July 2011 started as an ordinary summer day in Norway. On the small island of Utöya, set in a lak..

Baffin Babes – 80 Days in the Arctic

In this documentary we follow the adventures of four cheerful, life-affirming and dauntless young women who..

The Northern Passage - Touring the Top of the World

Intrepid adventurers Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson set out on board their trimaran Northern Passa..

Terror Island

If one man can create that much hate, you can only imagine how much love we as a togetherness can create.

Special Airborne Unit

From Swedish production giants Titan, here comes another thrilling series in the “Special – Unit” genre. No..

The Wild Man

Kristoffer Clausen is 34 years old. With only his dog for company, for almost a whole year he lived of what..

Body and Brain

A series of documentaries about illness or damage of the brain that causes severe effects on
the body. A t..

Special Police unit

We meet ten police officers working at the Västerås, Sala and Kristianstad Police Stations in Sweden. Join ..

Duhozanye- we who comfort each other

Daphrose lost 8 of her 11 children in the genocide of Rwanda. She contemplated killing herself. Instead she..

The Coastal Route of Northern Norway

A jaunty Englishman's motorcycle journey along the Coastal Route of Northern Norway, the world's most beaut..

The exorcist in the 21st century

The Exorcist in the 21st Century is a chilling documentary about exorcism in todays catholic church. It fol..

The House on the Prairie

A documentary about life, yearning and love.

Mari Boine: Global Nomad

In this highly personal documentary we accompany the renowned Sami singer Mari Boine on tour in Europe, to ..

Into the Current: Burma’s Political Prisoners

A Military dictatorship seized control of Burma in 1962.
In 1989 they changed the name of the country to M..

Dare to Voyage

With Thor Heyerdahl as inspiration, Dominique Görlitz attempted to cross the North Atlantic Ocean in a ston..

The Hardanger Plateau and National Park

The largest mountain plateau in Europe with Norway’s biggest stock of wild reindeer and rich bird and anima..

The Nature Philosopher

Is the little brook behind the family home the way into the wonderland of nature?
Norwegian nature philos..

Operation Sea Breeze

Winner of Prix Italia 2011: TV-documentaries - Current Affairs.
The Jury said:"A film that provided a pow..

Private Film Library; With a camera at the Eastern Front

Karl Höffkes at Polarfilm in Germany is a historian who has collected private film footage since the 1950’s..

Play Again

What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature?

Aurora Sugoi - a Love Story

For years, Ken and Hitomi, a young, newly married couple from Tokyo, dreamed of setting the seal on their u..

The Sledmaker

Meet a dedicated craftsman who, in his seventy-eighth year, is still busily engaged in striving for perfect..

Village of the Sleeping Beauty

Viktor and Maria Popov are not in a hurry. They live in a time vacuum in Paanajärvi village in the poorest ..

The Stavanger’s Last Voyage

The lifeboat Stavanger was built by legendary Colin Archer in 1901 and is the best-preserved vessel he desi..

Street Skills Africa

Streetskills football trix from South Africa. Short stories with action.


The world watched, with breath that was bated, on August 12th 2000, as Russian nuclear submarine “Kursk” of..

The 7 Killings

In a murder investigation there are seven possible motives for committing murder. Motive is one of the most..

Ladies in White

In 2009, Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since Castro came to power in 195..

The Royal Wedding Interview

This is the official interview of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in the event of her engagement with Dan..

The Wildlife Vet

Animal lover and veterinarian Silje (29) and her husband Gaute (30) spend a year travelling the world, help..

In Thrall to Everest

The first descent on skis from the world's highest mountain.

Connecting People

"Connecting People" is the first documentary ever to take a searching look at the life cycle of the mobile ..

"The Hairy Guy"

Architect Steven Holl relates how Knut Hamsun's writings prompted him to locate such an extraordinary build..

Panta Rei – Everything Flows

See the art project Planet Lofoten, an installation of the solar system on a scale of 1:200 million.

Camp Bastion

Through the Danish personnel at the field hospital we witness the tough everyday life in a war zone

An Impossible River Journey

Helge Hjelland has set out to cross the African continent by canoe. Along the river he picks up Joseph, a r..

Lapp Hat

Lapp Hat is a 52 minutes creative documentary film presenting the game of power-dynamics between the minori..

The Director

Cisco and his gang of streetkids are forced to leave the city for the countryside. They spend every cent on..

The Royal Climate Challenge

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden visit..

Plane crash in the Arctic Sea

45-year-old Troels Hansen survived 18 hours’ fight for his life on an ice..

Mothers of War

When Marianna was 8 years old she lost her mother in the genocide. She was adopted by her cousin Beata but ..

The Miracle

The Miracle is the story of Magne Skaden from the North of Norway. As a young boy, he was diagnosed as ment..

The Great Challenge

One is blind, the other has cancer. It’s still their dream is to ride a tandem bike 540 km across Norway. J..

The Rescue Squadron

The men of the 330 Squadron put their lives on the line - every day of every week. When the alarm sounds, e..

CarboOcean - Hunting for CO2

Good news – if we stop our CO2 emissions now, the ocean will be able to absorb all of the CO2 that we have ..

Antarctica - a Memorable Voyage

A fascinating encounter of breathtaking natural environment on a sailing voyage from the Falklands via Sout..

Melting Arctic

When the Polar ice melts due to climate change, it is the daily life in Greenland and Northern Canada that ..

The Shots in Kabul

The officer in command in 1978, when Afghanistan’s first president was brutally assassinated, now lives in ..

Street Skills

Street Skills shorts & fillers in top broadcasting quality

Street Skills is a lifestyle featuring creati..

Bernadotte - a Royal Family

For the first time, the members of the Swedish Royal family give extensive and honest interviews about thei..

The Good Capitalist

In the middle of the finance crisis, the Norwegian State has a national plan for how to stay rich and at th..

A Father's fight. The murder of Martine

Imagine the despair of losing one of your children ahead of time. Then imagine your child being murdered, a..

K2: Triumph and tragedy

On one of the world's most dangerous mountains, a disastrous summit attempt claims the death of 11 people, ..

Battle in the Ice - Amundsen Omega3 south pole race

Antarctica is known as the last continent. It is twice as big as Australia and only 500 people live there f..

Cape to Cape – on a shoestring

In November 2007, two friends set out on the greatest hitch-hiking trip of their lives. Their goal is to ge..

Dirty Cargo

We tell the story of how commodity trader Trafigura used a small tank facility in Western Norway as part of..

The Oslo Opera House

Norway has finally achieved its longstanding ambition to build a new opera house, with the result that it n..

Lion Women

With the Iranian revolution of 1979 came the harsh imposition of Sharia law and the repression, persecution..

Sweet Swan Of Avon

Two sides of the Shakespeare Authorship debate
embodied by two very differe..

The Princes of Tennis

1982. One of the greatest tennis players of all time and the most famous Swede ever, Bjorn
Borg, announces..

Children of War

When adults fight, children are the losers. They have neither mental nor physical strength to deal with the..

The Heart of Hockey

Peter Forsberg is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He is also one of 24 the great hockey

The Fairy Tale Princess

The Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise has been passionate about fairytales ever since she was a young child...

Down at any cost?

Within the European Union, it is illegal to pluck down from living birds. Despite that fact, reporter has g..

The Serena Attack

January 14, 2008, a Norwegian delegation under Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre are staying at the five st..

In Nansen's Footsteps

The Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland and his Swiss companion Thomas Ulrich have recently repeated a j..

My Seventh Spring

Six-year-old Ragnar enjoys an unforgettable spring in the wilds of Norway's rugged west coast. Together wit..

Thor Heyerdahl, The Man, The Myth, The Women

A romantic escapist, a notorious egotripper, a great adventurer - Thor Heyerdahl claimed to be a scientist,..

New Life in the Line of Fire

Far too many births in the Palestinian territories end in disaster because mothers are unable to reach hosp..

Sarajevo Ricochet

This two-part documentary reveals how al-Qaeda used Bosnia as a training-ground, money-laundering centre an..

Top Gun - Mission Europe

The film "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise made the Fighter Weapons Instructor Training
famous. The most advanced ..

Pernilles Choice

I Danmark arbejder flere end 5000 som prostituerede. Kvinder, der sælger deres kroppe for penge. Nogen er p..

Power Play

With contributions from leading scientists, politicians, industrialists, and energy experts around the worl..

Of the Finest Wool

The Australian Merino-wool is considered to be the finest wool within the clothing industry. What the cusom..

In Gandhi's Footsteps

Kiran Bedi’s humanitarian revolution
A small woman with a heavy load on her shoulders. She is compared to ..

Breaking The Wall Of Silence

Breaking the Wall of Silence is a documentary that portrays the courageous struggle of a peaceful, vulnerab..

The Women In White

In 2009, Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since Castro came to power in 195..

The Arboga Killings

In March 2008 two kids were brutally murdered in there home in Arboga in Sweden. They were only one and thr..

Rookies on Board

When the students Reidar (22), Audun (23) and Ole (22) started university in 2002 they soon got bored with ..

Walk the Dog

“Dog business” is the one of the fastest growing businesses in the USA. In 2008, Americans will spend up to..

My Daughter The Terrorist

In this intimate and personal portrait we join two young female elite soldiers trained for the ultimate mis..

Winter In A World Of White

Norwegian Stein P. Aasheim, a full-time adventurer for thirty years who had climbed Mount Everest, twice sk..

Canada from Coast to Coast

He walked 8252 km and 947 days through some of earth’s most desolate territories, accompanied with bears an..

Insanely Dangerous

In January 2004, Niels hijacked a train
A tv-crew was on the spot. They found this was not a story about a..

Sold For Nothing

The story of two Thai women who lived in a wretched basement where they were forced to work as prostitutes ..

On the Wings Towards West

In the early 1800s, many countries drove the white-tailed eagle to extinction by extensive hunting. Around ..

The Italian Doctor

THE ITALIAN DOCTOR is the life-affirming story about a man with a unique mission: To restore the dignity of..

Rovers of the Rivers - Atlantic Salmon

Three precarious years spent as parr in their natal river, followed by another

three ranging the rich no..

Children of Darfur

Today Darfur is facing, what the United Nations describes as “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Mara..

The Neighbour

Less than two years from now a highly sophisticated NASA robot will land on Mars. Its task will be to deter..

The Art of Being Wichi

The Art of Being Wichi is a story that demands to be told – a story that you will remember.

“As long as ..

Cold Peace

30.000 feet above the icy waters of the North-Atlantic, a dangerous stand-off is unfolding.

The 7 Deadly Sins

«The 7 Deadly Sins» is a satirical, humorous and hopefully eye-opening eight-episode drama/documentary seri..

Stealing History

This is the story about stealing history. A two-year exposé by three journalists from Britain, Norway and P..

Scream and Madonna

Edvard Munch’s world famous paintings ”The Scream” and ”Madonna” were stolen from the Munch Museum in Oslo..

Princes and Princesses 2

In the second season of Princes and Princesses some of the most popular Europeen Princesses are in the lim..

Living Testimony from the Holocaust

Prior to the Second World War, some 2,000 Jews lived in Norway; today, only a handful are still alive. This..

A Warm Heart and Frozen Kebab

A bright-red van battles its way through a blinding snowstorm on Spitsbergen. At the wheel is Iranian Kazem..

Natural Shapes

For some years past NRK's Arild Hagen has ranged the world in search of material for his new series - six p..

The Eira Family

For a whole year an NRK camera team closely followed and filmed the daily life of the Eira family from Kaut..

Victoria’s Heart

Capturing documentary about a little girl’s heart
Victoria Larsson was only a few days old when her paren..

The Power and the Fear

The murder of Russian award winning journalist Anna Polikovskaya in 2006 changed the whole mentality of Rus..

Millennial Oak

Millennial Oak

Southern Norway is the proud guardian of an oak tree, the Mollestad Oak, that is more tha..

Flying Colours


Birds are among the most exquisite and beautiful creatures on earth. Even the most accomp..

Tuxedo Ice Bather

Tuxedo Ice Bather

This programme closely follows the life of this hardy little bird - the Dipper - throu..

History of the Earth

Ever since we were banished from the Garden of Eden, mankind has toiled and striven to transform untamed na..

Wet Wild Wonderful

Wet Wild Wonderful

The international press has on more than one occasion proclaimed Norway to be the wor..

Nature Fillers


Fillers from the Nature Department: Interval s..

The King of Norway’s 70th Birthday

‘I have an unfortunate tendency to laugh at the wrong moment and in the wrong place. It’s a failing common ..

Queen Sonja: An Intimate Portrait

‘I`ve been finding it hard to keep up with her for a long time – for a very long time, in fact. She has an ..

On Thin Ice

The Arctic sea ice is melting. This programme shows the importance of this ice to the animals whose home it..

A Shy Devil

He hates to travel, but is constantly on the road. He dreads opening nights, but cannot avoid them. It is h..

The Last Stunt

Skydivers from all over the world, enjoys the excitement and kick from jumping from the top of a 1000 m hi..

China - the Enigma

A wonderful 5-part series about culture, history, nature and ordinary life that gets behind grand politics ..

Riches From The Deep

Fish are food, and food is wealth. Recognition of this fact has linked the lives of men and fish since the ..

The History of Water

The History of Water is a series on the relationship between man and fresh water. It affords a comprehensiv..

Mari Boine - The Interview

She brought tears to your eyes when she sang at the crown prince's wedding, a hymn from the north of Norway.

Trout Bum 2

It is all about cracking the code every day, in the every-day- situations.

A Dream of Europe

Brahim Boutaraa, and Algerian asylum seeker in Norway, hijacked a plane using an axe. He tried to crash th..

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister


In 2003, Tikopia, an isolated island in the Pacific, was hit by the strongest cyclone ever measured in the ..

The Future of Water


A Journey in the Future of Water, written and presented by Pr..

Princes and Princesses

Join us as we dive into the lives of the most popular monarchs in Europe. We take a closer peak at the heir..

The Vaccine Experiment

How could an unsuccessful vaccine against Meningitis B, developed in Norway, end up being exported and used..

One Meter Women

Sosso, Eva and Helen are three talented and successful women. With their strong personalities, you might t..

Another Day

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day in 2004 was the deadliest in recorded history, killing approx..

Tille`s Death

Tille was born on September 22nd 2005, and died on April 16th 2006. At birth, he seemed like any other bab..

A fall from Grace

On the night of Janury 10th 2004, in the small town of Knutby in Sweden, a young child minder killed the pa..

The last pole

Borge Ousland, the legendary polar explorer, sets himself extreme challenges: skiing alone and without supp..

Feel Free

Street singers and artists, outsiders and loners, freedom lovers, sometimes at odds with the laws and mores..

Black Cod

Only one place on earth is there still a large stock of codfish. Over-fishing, excessive national quotas, a..

Hunting and fishing

To be at the right spot alongside the salmon river with your fishing pole at exactly the right time is an a..

The Tangaroa Expedition

All his life, Olav Heyerdahl had heard the stories of his grandfather: of how he crossed the Pacific in 194..

Paulo Coelho on the road to Santiago de Compostela

The award-winning Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is one of the world’s best-selling authors. His books are ..

300 Orgasms per day

Michelle Thompson suffers from a rather unusual condition. Diagnosed as having Persistent Sexual Arousal..

Occupation: King

The future of the Monarcy of Sweden is a continous discussion in Sweden, but the popularity of the King see..

Broken Promises

“Broken Promises” is the story of how American agents in Sweden in 2001 secretly deported two Egyptian men ..

The Hunt for Elektron

This is the unique story of a dramatic stand-off in the Barents Sea in October 2005. The Russian trawler “..

For better or worse

Grete and Svein have been together, in sickness and in health, for over 50 years – until Grete was struck b..

Meet Anita Roddick

The founder of the Body Shop is one of the most influential businesswomen in the world. She has maintained..

Meet Joyce Carol Oates

She is one of the greatest contemporary novelists, whose name is often mentioned in connection with the Nob..

Meet the real Erin Brockovich

Millions of people have seen Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “Erin Brockovich” starring Julia Roberts (who w..

Food Discovery

Welcome to the ultimate journey to discover authentic tastes, presented by the internationally renowned che..

Comrade Kamprad to Russia with Love

His jersey is old and worn and he wears an imitation fur coat, but he is extremely rich – perhaps even rich..

Mette-Marit - Cinderella Of Our Times

Royal Fairytale: "I have a girlfriend; her name is Mette-Marit". With this statement Crown Prince Haakon of..