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Babes on the Bus

All around the world people are moving away from the countryside and into the cities. Especially the girls ..
Factual Entertainment

Dining with the Enemy

Food is a universal language that brings people together... But what if the people are sworn enemies? In "..

The Ultimate Entertainer

Live weekend primetime format. Which famous artist is your country´s Ultimate Entertainer ?


From the creators of the award winning TV phenomenon "Seven Deadly Sins" comes a brand new comedy series. A..

The Wall

For ages game shows have looked the same. Are you ready for a revolution?

Golden Days

Do you remember Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks? Or the dude who were always next to Don Johnson in Miami Vice..
Factual Entertainment

Granma´s Whorehouse

"Grandma's Whorehouse" is a factual entertainment format giving two upbeat grandmothers a first hand look o..

Farm Factor

10 farmers, two judges, but only one winner….. Who needs the X Factor when you’ve can have Farm Factor? Wit..

2 Minutes of Fame

In "2 Minutes of Fame" contestants have only two minutes to convince the viewers at home of their grand tal..
Factual Entertainment

Pimp My Celebrity Home

It's not every day famous celebrities invite us into their homes. And it's definitely not every day they al..
Factual Entertainment


What has bungy jumping got to do with road safety? Can a cool poker face say anything about driving skill..

Top of the Class

You know all about "The European Song Contest" and "Got Talent". But how about finding the people who can r..