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An awakening has taken place in Iran - led by women. This is the story of how brave women have - and are - changing Iran

In 2003, Shirin Ebadi became the first ever Muslim woman and the first ever Iranian citizen to receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous efforts for democracy and human rights in Iran. This award inspired women to start what has become the strongest symbolic movement for change in Iran – the “One Million Signature” campaign. The bravery of the women behind the campaign is exceptional – they risk their lives for change in one of the world’s most repressed regimes today.

“Lion Women” tells the little-known story of the women’s significant role in the fight for freedom, democracy, equality and human rights in Iran – a fight which culminated in June 2009 when hundreds of thousands filled the streets of Iran protesting the results of the presidential election.
Ever since Khomeni came to power in Iran after the revolution in 1979 and introduced the discriminating Sharia Law, women has been repressed, killed and persecuted.
But they took up the fight for freedom and equality. Over the last 30 years, the women’s efforts have led to an inner awakening. For the first time they tell they stories in a TV documentary. This is their fight for freedom.


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