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Maria - Winner of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009!

The TV series “Maria” won the prestigious award for ‘Best Drama’ at Seoul International Drama Awards 2009, competing with drama series such as Merlin and Dr. Who. Charlotte Frogner, the actress behind Maria, also won the price for ‘Best Female Actress’; a price awarded Helen Mirren in 2007.

Scriptwriter Arne Berggren was present to accept the award, together with producer Agnete Thuland and actress Charlotte Frogner.
- This is the closest you’ll get to an Oscar in Asia. We were exited to see which series we were competing against and it turned out to be a very good mixture, said Berggren.

Charlotte Frogner was met by screaming Koreans and an entire press core as she entered the award:
- This is blissfully surreal. A shower of blitz like I’ve never seen. I don’t think I’ll ever get closer to feeling like the Oscars. There are hordes of screaming fans. “Big in Korea” – it’s weird and very amusing, says Charlotte Frogner.

The series, Maria (previously known as Hvaler) stars some of Norway's biggest actors, casting Charlotte Frogner, Lise Fjeldstad, Dennis Storhi, Anne Marit Jacobsen and Ingar Helge Gimle.
The series tells the story of Maria Blix (Charlotte Frogner) who is a young and newly educated psychologist. After the death of her father, Maria finds herself struggling with her own personal demons and in an attempt to find refuge she returns to the island that she, as a child, regarded as paradise: Hvaler.

Leaving her life in the city at a hold, she occupies herself with helping others. With a talent for reading people’s thoughts and sorting out their struggles, Maria is seemingly an expert at everybody’s life but her own, as she is the one that needs sorting.

Maria a drama series about real people and the way they think, genuine problems and our perspective of life.





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