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Fox to remake Norway's Next Summer

 US studio Fox has picked up format rights to Scandinavian comedy Next Summer and is set to work on a local version for broadcast in 2015.

Next Summer premiered on SBS Discovery’s Norwegian net TVNorge in the spring and was among the channel’s most-watched programmes of the year. It has been commissioned for a second season for 2015.

Now Aaron Matthew Lee, Julius Sharpe, Bryan Furst and Sean Furst are developing the US version for Fox, following a deal with distributor Nordic World.

Lars Gudmestad and Simen Alsvik developed and produced the original series – known locally as Neste Sommer – along with Scandi production outfit Feelgood Scene Film and Television.

Alsvik, who directed the original series and also helmed episodes of TV2/Netflix mobster comedy-drama Lilyhammer, said he was “surprised” the US had become interested in Next Summer, believing it was “so Norwegian it might not have come across in the States.”

Nordic World is owned by Swedish broadcaster TV4 and Norwegian channel TV2. It aims to promote and sell Nordic programmes and formats within the Nordic countries and worldwide.


About Nordic World: 

Nordic World was established in 2005 by TV2 Norway and TV4 Sweden to create new sales opportunities for Nordic content by providing a united export platform. It has since expanded to become one of its region’s strongest distribution brands for content from the Nordic, European and North American independent production sectors. The programme sales alliance now also includes the Amsterdam-based format specialist Absolutely Independent. Nordic World’s pipeline of quality content, which spans drama, documentary and formats, is fed by an expanding network of hubs and alliances from across Europe and the US.



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