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Two Summers, One Winter

Production year: 2016 | 1*45' | Genres: Factual/Doc, Reality
Documentary about a young journalist who gets cervical cancer
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Medieoperatørene AS
Original title: Sjekk Deg Thea
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

Thea was educated as a journalist and moved to New York to start her new career. Life was beautiful and the future looked bright. But something felt wrong inside her.

This show is nominated to Prix Europa.

A trip to the doctor showed she had cervical cancer. She started a video blog about her illness that touched an entire nation, with her unique way of ”telling it how it is”. Throughout Norway people were cheering for Thea.Together with the Norwegian Cancer Society and a youth magazine, she started a project to encourage girls to take a cell test for cervical cancer. The project was a huge success; celebrities took selfies with the tag line ”check yourself”. But meanwhile Theas cancer had spread and the treatment was not working.

"Two summers, one winter" follows Theas fight to the end, with her mother and younger sister as her personal fan club.

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