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Norsemen season 1 (Norwegian Language version)

Production year: 2016 | 6 x 30 | Genres: Fiction, Fiction - News
Game Of Thrones meet Black Adder
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Viafilm LLC
Original title: Vikingane sesong 1
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Norsemen is a humorous drama series set in the Viking Age. The year is 790 A.D. We meet our Vikings during a time of change in Norwegian history. The sailing routes westward have just been discovered. They bring with them wealth, political changes, cultural conflicts, trade, to say nothing of a decadent and self-important actor from Rome, Rufus, who begins a new life as a slave in Norway.

Rufus eventually finds an admirer in the chieftain’s cowardly and down-trodden brother. Together they steer the small village of Norheim in a new - and not necessarily very fortunate – direction, away from raids and wars, in an arts and culture direction that will turn out to be more than a thousand years ahead of its time.

In his turn, Great Warrior Arvid must fight a new kind of battle when he transforms from being the hero of the village to life as an important farmer with a demanding wife. Danger also threatens when Earl Varg feels slighted and bypassed. He is willing to literally walk
all over dead bodies to show that in fact he is the one who rules Norway.

Norsemen deals with the everyday challenges of the village, love tangles¸ changing gender roles, friendships, power struggles, and a bitter family dispute between two brothers. The problems are very much like to the ones we face today, but the rules of the game are completely different and the consequences of everyday choices are far more dramatic.

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