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Seduced by love

Production year: 2016 | 45 | Genres: Factual - News, Reality
A love story out of the ordinary
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Impact TV ApS
Original title: Forført av kjærlighed
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD

Seduced by love is a lovestory that takes place under extreme conditions in the Sahara. In six years the director follows a young Danish woman who marries a young bedouin man. Follow the adventure of her life, through love, hunger, loneliness and threats of violence.

After a holiday in Morocco the Danish woman, Anja, discovers she is pregnant. She gives up her privileged life in Denmark, and marry the 16 year younger Said, who lives in a small village in Morocco with his poor family.
Said is an illiterate and the young man does not speak English. Though they can barely speak they have a common dream. They start building a hotel for tourists who long for a 'simple life’ in the Sahara, but the dream of "simple living" in the desert bursts quickly. The money Anja brought simply isn't enough to build the hotel and Said isn't looking for a job.
Will she keep fighting for her dream even though she is starving and the young man turns out to have a violent personality?

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