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Gang Warriors

Production year: 2013 | 2*45 | Genres: Factual - News, Reality
What is it like to have life be about killing or getting killed?
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Impact TV ApS
Original title: Bandekrigerne
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD

"Gang Warriors" is a mini-series of two episodes that gives the viewer a feel of how it is like to have a life that’s about killing or getting killed.

In the first episode we meet Abde Benarabe – the brain behind the most violent gang of immigrants in Denmark. The instructor slowly but confidently makes him tell about all his criminal actions. The gang leader Abde shows how to disarm a potential enemy to avoid getting killed himself. It is brutal and repulsive – the documentary’s equivalent to »Goodfellas« and »Donnie Brasco«. We also experience how a violent father and a bad schooling as a second-generation immigrant has affected one of the most cold-blooded criminals in Denmark. The reason for the violence is also to be found in the daily fight to obtain the control over the marked for cannabis in Denmark.

The second episode is about an intense friendship across two rival gangs. Brian Sandberg of the Hells Angels and Abde Benarabe from Blågårds Plads begin the story by being best friends but end up trying to get each other assassinated. Their common interest in good coffee, night clubs, and martial arts becomes the foundation of an extremely close friendship. Brian Sandberg is just about to become a muslim to get even closer to his friend Abde. But as the gangwar rages in Denmark it gets more and more difficult for the two friends to maintain their friendship. Is it misunderstandings or a closely organized master plan from Adbe’s side that split the two friends apart? Either way the fact is that both men are attempted murdered several times. Brian Sandberg is probably the man in Denmark who has survived the most attempts of murder.  

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