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Next Summer - season 3

Production year: 2016 | 10*23 | Genres: Fiction, Fiction - News
The dream of an idyllic summer at the family cottage, which never quite comes true, and the eternal hope that it will next summer.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Feelgood Scene Film og TV AS
Original title: Neste Sommer - sesong 3
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

A new Norwegian summer holiday is approaching and nothing is as easy as it should be.

Episode 1: Boat-Launching and Cheese Puffs
Summer holiday has finally arrived! Per Ivar quits using snus and it has unexpected consequences. Terje has a complex due to his fair skin tone and he tests out his daughter’s self-tanning lotion in all secrecy.

Episode 2: Wheelbarrow & Boundary-Setting
During the cabin-owners’ clean-up session, Terje’s expensive wheelbarrow is stolen and he is determined not to give up the search until the guilty party is found. Per Ivar gets lost driving around on a lawn tractor, and Eva gets fed up with the way her parents show up at Eva and Per Ivar’s cabin – unannounced and at all hours.

Episode 3: Windsurfer & Toothache
The scene is set for conflict when Terje agrees to take windsurfing lessons from his ex-wife’s new husband, Kåre, the “world champion”. Per Ivar has an awful toothache during a visit to the cabin owned by Eva’s boss and he attempts to deaden the pain with painkillers he finds in the bathroom.

Episode 4: Uncle Petter & the Nudists
Terje hosts a family reunion and is looking forward to showing his cousin Harald who has had the most successful life. But, this is not so easy when a grumpy, old aunt keeps insisting that he is her deceased husband, Uncle Petter. In an attempt to steal back a notice to neighbors, Per Ivar invites himself over for coffee with the neighbors and realizes a bit too late that their cabin is a “clothes-free zone”.

Episode 5: Coverage & Prune Cleansing
Terje ends up in a quarrel with his neighbors about where the property line goes between their cabins. It doesn’t help matters much that he is dealing with a serious case of constipation by following his Mom’s advice to eat lots and lots of prunes. While out jogging in the woods, Per Ivar and his father-in-law catch each other peeping at two naked bathing beauties in a pond.

Episode 6: Wharf Security & Boat Repairs
A number of pleasure boats have been stolen during recent weeks, and Per Ivar volunteers to provide some wharf security. Oddvar becomes jealous when Terje prefers to get help from happy-go-lucky Johnny (Ingar Helge Gimle) on fixing an outboard boat motor. 

Episode 7: Scratch in the Paint & Heavy on the Bottle
Eva and Anki borrow Terje’s beautiful boat and tear a hole in the side of it. They lie to Terje and say that someone crashed into them, and get themselves into even more trouble. Per Ivar gets irritated at the Association Chairman who thinks that Per Ivar is drinking too much and he decides to set him straight.

Episode 8: Grill King (Mr. B-B-Q) & Tree-Trimmings
Per Ivar and Terje end up in a bitter quarrel about how much good grilled food depends on one’s talent or one’s equipment. To prove his point, Terje buys an expensive gas grill and invites everyone over for a gourmet meal. Eva gets irritated by a neighbor who has not removed some tree-trimmings.

Episode 9: Break-Up & the Local Shop
It’s nearing the end of summer holiday and Per Ivar has finally arranged some romantic alone time for him and Eva. Unfortunately, this coincides with his in-laws’ annual marital crisis. As a matter of principle, Terje refuses to support their local shop just to be nice, but then he forgets to buy cheese for making home-made pizza on Pizza Night.

Episode 10: Bicycle Excursion and the Cabin Guest Book from 1978
Terje has a guilty conscience for having worked too much during the summer holiday and so he invites the kids to go tenting. Per Ivar misses his bachelor days and ends up on a hot date. Eva finds an old cabin guest book from 1978 that had been “missing” and uncovers a huge family secret.

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