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Domestic Divas

Production year: 2015 | 6*23 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
We’re convenience addicts!
Origin country: Ireland
Production company: Mind The Gap Films Ltd.
Original title: Domestic Divas
Original language: Irish Gaelic
Formats: HD

Ever wondered how you’ve somehow managed to get to this point in your life without knowing how to roast a chicken? Or how the minute you lose a button on your jacket you call your mother for help? How about the fact that for you cleaning involves an antibacterial wipe and 5 minutes of your time once a fortnight?

Many of us who grew up through the boom years have side-stepped basic life skills in favour of take-away dinners, bringing the washing home to mammy once a week and throwing out anything that isn’t as shiny and new as the moment we bought it. We’re convenience addicts. But real convenience is all about planning.

That’s where Domestic Divas steps in. Aisli Madden and Cat Lawlor are here to save the day! Anywhere there’s a week old hoodie with a fraying thread about to be thrown in the bin – they’ll be there. Anywhere there’s a bathroom floor that hasn’t seen a mop since the mammy’s last visit – they’ll be there. Well not exactly, but you get the point!

Aisli and Cat are on a mission to help the helpless, to demonstrate basic life skills that came so naturally to our parent’s generation and not so easily to us 20 and 30 somethings. They will share the knowledge, skills and power to live life better – to eat more healthily, deliciously and nutritiously, all on our own! To care for a home – like a boss! To take pride in ourselves – inside and out! And they want to do all of this with the least amount of fuss possible i.e. we don’t have to give up Twitter!

The brand new series Domestic Divas will remind everyone of the comforts of home – a crisp clean bed, the smell of fresh laundry, a sparkling bathroom, a neat and tidy bedroom and a scrumptious hot meal on the table. Domestic Divas will be a masterclass in achieving domestic bliss.

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