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A loved Child

Production year: 2015 | 1*45 | Genres: Current Affairs
As a single homosexual man, it is not obvious that you might become a dad some day.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Pandora Film AS
Original title: Pappas Kjærlighetsbarn
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

As a single homosexual man, it’s not obvious that you might become a dad some day. But Torstein really wanted to be a father and so he asked a girlfriend to carry a baby for him on the understanding that he would take full responsibility for the child.

Torstein runs an historic farm with a hotel and restaurant, so his life was busy even before his daughter was born. We follow his journey to fatherhood, from pregnancy through his daughter’s first year.  We see how he changes and adapts to his new situation. Where he used to be a full-time entrepreneur with sole responsibility for a hotel and restaurant, he now has to work around diapers, sleepless nights, eternal worry and overwhelming love. But what about the mother of the child? Does she regret her decision to give away her parental rights? Will she ever want her daughter back?

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