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The Vaccinated Girls

Production year: 2015 | 1*39 | Genres: Current Affairs
Your life has been ruined by a vaccine!
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: TV2 Danmark A/S
Original title: De vaccinerade Piger
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD

A group of girls from across the country is gathered together, all of whom have all had their lives ruined by the HPV vaccine and its highly damaging side effects.

They were all assured that the vaccine had little to no side effects, but now they feel betrayed by the authorities. We look into what the authorities have done to help the girls, as well as whether the girls are right to blame the vaccine for their health issues. For the first time, several doctors come forward to voice their concerns that the girls’ condition might actually be related to the HPV vaccine. We also reveal that the Danish health authorities are concealing decisive documents. But why conceal something unless a mistake has been made? Are the health authorities to blame and, if so, how will they help these girls to move forward?

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