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Nazifas Smile

Production year: 2015 | 1*44 | Genres: Reality
The fate of a girl and surgery that changes lives.
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Nazifas leende
Original language: English
Formats: HD

Nazifa was born with a gaping hole in her lip and nose – a condition that provoked disgust and fear in her community. She spent her first years shut off from the world in her family’s hut. Even her siblings refused to drink out of the same cup.

She spent the first four years of her life in the darkness of her familiy’s hut, hidden away from the neighbours in their village in Ethiopia. Nazifas father, Sherab Ababoru, de-scribes how even her siblings refused to drink from the same cup as her. They played a game where they threw stones in the hole in her mouth. What her parents didn´t know was that Nazifa suffered from a very common defor-mity: a cleft lip. Cleft lip and cleft palate are one of the most common natal deformities – it afflicts 1 of 500 newborn babies all over the world. However, a routine operation can change
their lives forever – in just 45 minutes. The medical child charity, Operation Smile, arrives in the capital Addis Ababa with an international team of plastic sur-geons and other medical volunteers on a ten-day mission to operate on up to 100 children. The news spreads to Nazifas vil-lage and her father realizes that this is as a chance to help his daughter to a better life. At the hospital, under difficult circumstanc-es, volonteer plastic surgeon Malin Hakelius from Sweden operates succesfully on her. But a tragedy occurs when Nazifa trips and falls and her stitches break open – leaving her with an ugly, bloody wound, this after all the medical staff have left the city. Malin, and one of the team’s nurses, Rikard, decide to return to Ethiopia with Operation Smile to help her. They operate on her a second time to repair her lip again.  Three years later they return to see how – and if – her life has changed.

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