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Mountain Queen

Production year: 2014 | 1*58 | Genres: Royal
Queen Sonja loves Norwegian nature. It is not a figure of speech, not a pet cause, but true feelings.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Fjelldronninga
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

Norway’s queen Sonja loves to go climbing in the mountains. We follow her in the beautiful and spectacular mountains in the north and west of Norway, and on the way she tells us about her experiences, what drives her, what she gains from the uphill struggle to reach her goals.

Queen Sonja loves Norwegian nature. It is not a figure of speech, not a pet cause, but true feelings. Even though she is now approaching the age of eighty, she is still a very active rambler. Every year she goes on a number of hikes in the Norwegian mountains, specially in Western and Northern Norway. Here she finds peace, here she rejuvenates, here she finds inspiration to go on.

It started in her youth, long before she knew she would be queen of this magnificent country. It started in Nordmarka in Oslo, continued as a young student in Switzerland, on foot through the Vallée de Joux in the Alps, and when she came home she found her way to Finse on skis and the Aurland valley on foot.

But it was first when she came to the fjords of Western and Northern Norway that the Norwegian landscape opened up to her in earnest. The mountains shoot straight up from the ocean, the fjords ploughing straight through them. The ocean lends an extra dimension, she says. There is hardly anything like it.

For three years, NRK has followed the queen on her mountain journeys – in Hardanger and Sunnmøre, Lofoten and Troms. We have followed her as she prepares for the trips, jogging with friends on the footpaths of Bygdøy, and joined her at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, where she has talked about her hikes and what she has experienced on them to large audiences from Norway and beyond, illustrated with her own photographs. As the queen climbs up steep trails, she shares her impressions with us, the thoughts and feelings that arise, talking about the people she has met and the stories she has heard on her countless hikes.

We have also met some of those who unexpectedly encounter the queen up there. “Oh, is it you, Sonja?” an elderly woman living on a mountain shelf exclaimed when she suddenly stood face to face with the queen, who was heading for her farm. ”That was exactly how I hoped you would greet me,” the queen remarked several years later when the woman was invited aboard the royal yacht. She is not just the mountain queen, but the people’s queen.

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