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Seaside Hotel - season 3

Production year: 2015 | 7*60 | Genres: Fiction, Fiction - News
A carefree summer, but...
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: SF Film Production ApS
Original title: Badehotellet - sesong 3
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD | 16:9

Once again it is summer, and the Sea Side Hotel opens for another season. The year is 1930, and the Great Depression looms ominously just beyond the country's borders, but the regular hotel guests have other concerns – especially behind closed doors.

Wholesaler Madsen struggles to get back on top after his bankruptcy last autumn, and he is living on borrowed money. He is trying to raise capital for a new building project, and to this end he pawns his wife Therese's jewellery. This causes turbulence in the marriage, but Mrs Madsen receives unexpected assistance from a new guest in the hotel, lawyer Kvist. Kvist is a friendly man who runs a one-man law firm. However, his friendly exterior masks a rather shady gentleman who happily takes on dubious cases.

Count Ditmar's father, the old count, passes away, and after the funeral Ditmar and Amanda are left behind at the hotel, accompanied by Ditmar's mother. Ditmar fights to save his marriage as a cover for his homosexuality, whilst Amanda finds solace in the dunes, where Max has set up camp over the summer. The old countess becomes suspicious of Amanda's enthusiasm for taking walks, and thus quickly gets wind of her affair.

Molly Andersen, Fie, and the kitchen girls try to keep the little hotel running to their usual high standards. But the Depression is creeping closer. Fie's father has been forced to sell his mill, whilst the hotel's neighbour, the smallholding that supplies the hotel with vegetables, is suddenly for sale.  Fie's father ends up taking over the smallholding, and Fie does what she can to make him feel at home. However, he sinks into despair at his sad fate. Mrs Andersen therefore sets out to cheer him up, and ends up succeeding beyond all expectations.

The sale of the smallholding, which is Morten's childhood home, gives Molly and Fie a reason to contact Morten. He business is going well, and it turns out he has connections to lawyer Kvist.

As usual, manufacturer Frigh is holidaying with his wife Alice, and they are visited by their twins Bertha and Leslie – and governess Malling, of course. However, Frigh becomes more and more removed from his family, as he is fatally attracted to actor Edward Weyse's young, female acting student, Kitty, who is spending the summer studying with Weyse in preparation for her debut. Kitty appears to be innocent and virtuous, but inside her lurks a sweet little devil waiting to be released.

Weyse's summer is far from unproblematic, as he is accused of sleeping with the young actresses in the theatre, whilst also having to deal with Mrs Aurland, who is worried that Head of Office Aurland may have found out that he is not the father of their son, Severin.

On top of all this, the hotel plays host to a string of prominent guests. Chamberlain Hjørting and Editor Bruun are both electors in the second chamber of parliament. They visit Count Ditmar and are charmed by his wife, Amanda. Also, Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning stops by with his mistress – a visit Wholesaler Madsen has high expectations of.

Finally, in autumn, the hotel is used as the setting for a few scenes in a silent film directed by Gerhard Flügelhorn, in which both Weyse and the world famous actor Robert Fischer play a part. Word of the film shoot has spread amongst the 'regulars', and soon they are all gathered in the hotel once again. Gerhard Flügelhorn turns out to be a true artist with a volatile temper, especially when his genius is misunderstood. Robert Fischer, on the other hand, is a private young man, from whom it is hard to get any attention. despite the girl's perseverance.

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