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Land of the Whales

Production year: 2015 | 1*45 | Genres: Factual - News, Nature
Kaldfjord in northern Norway has a regular guest: the humpback whale.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Globus Media AS
Original title: Hvalen kommer
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

To some, Kaldfjord in Troms is a normal town in the north of Norway. But for its residents, the last four winters have been far from normal. The reason?

It’s become a favourite destination for one of the world’s biggest animals — the humpback whale. The magnificent creatures have started visiting the fjord in large numbers during the winter months to feed on its herring-rich water. It’s an event that has created a thriving new industry in sleepy Kaldfjord, as scientists and tourists flock to the town to study and enjoy what is thought to be a unique natural phenomenon. Land of The Whales is a portrait of the town and those who know the most about its spectacular annual guests. Thomas and Anne, and their daughters live on the fjord and are closer to the whales than anybody in town. Then there are marine biologists Rene and Martin, and photographer Fredrik, who are studying the invasion of the whales from a scientific point of view. Prize-winning nature photographer Audun, meanwhile, swims with the whales in his quest for the perfect shot. And brothers Knut and Albert observe the creatures from the kitchen window of the family home where they have lived for nearly 90 years without ever witnessing such a phenomenon.

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